2 Dog Teeth Cleaning Tips for Dental Health Month

2 Dog Teeth Cleaning Tips for Dental Health Month

In honor of National Dental Health Month, it’s absolutely vital to talk about the dental health of our pups. Not only does poor dental hygiene result in stinky breath, but it causes a number of health-related issues, too. Your dog’s dental hygiene is about so much more than keeping their teeth sparkly and their breath fresh!

Keeping your pup’s teeth in check also means improved gut health. Adequate dental hygiene prevents tooth loss, gingivitis, oral pain, and even organ damage. As you can see, your dog’s oral health plays an essential role in their overall joy!

Let’s explore some dog teeth cleaning tips to keep your pup thriving and happy.

#1 Dog Teeth Cleaning Near Me: Get the Right Care

First and foremost, don’t forget to provide your dog with their annual teeth cleaning. This is one of the best actions you can take to ensure your dog’s oral health. Just as we humans need our teeth cleaned regularly, dogs require the same level of care. Getting their teeth cleaned and inspected by a professional can prevent an array of unwanted health issues.

Start by simply searching “dog teeth cleaning near me” and discover some of the best options in your area.

#2 A Dog Teeth Cleaning Toy Can Help

Apart from an annual dental visit, there are at-home care measures that dog owners can implement. Keep your pooch’s palette happy with a dog teeth cleaning toy:

Bully Sticks

Chews, treats, and sticks are one of the best things a loving dog parent can give to their fur babies. These yummy, entertaining, and high-protein treats pose a number of benefits to your dog’s health. 

When chewing on a dental stick, they’re actively scraping away the plaque and tartar buildup! Dental chews have been shown to prevent oral-related health issues like halitosis, gum inflammation, and canine periodontal disease.

When paired with consistent dental hygiene care, Bully Sticks can work wonders for the health and happiness of your dog. 

Your Dog’s Dental Health Deserves the Best

Here at Get Joy, we place great value on the health and well-being of pups and their humans. This is why we’re committed to providing inclusive, holistic, and well-rounded nutrition plans for our canine companions. 

Make your dog’s dental health a priority and explore some of our nutritious meal options today.