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DIY Projects for Dog Enrichment

It’s no secret that dogs are filled to the brim with energy. Whether you have a little Yorkie or a giant Mastiff, dogs love to embrace their primal instincts. Unfortunately, when our dogs are understimulated, their innate instincts can get them into trouble.  Enrichment activities are designed to support dogs' need to chew, smell, chase, and scavenge. So, let’s explore some enrichment ideas for a happier, healthier dog!

3 Dog Enrichment Ideas 

There are so many ways to keep our dogs occupied and active. While taking them on long walks can help, dogs often need more stimulation than we’re able to give. 

Ultimately, enrichment ideas can help your dog occupy themselves and experience a higher quality of life. Here are some ideas to consider.

Paper Towel Roll Puzzle 

This simple and effective pet enrichment idea stimulates and rewards your pup. First, take a paper towel roll and fold up the ends. Then, poke a small hole in the body of the roll. From there, put treats inside the roll and give it to your pet. 

This puzzle will entertain your dog as they try to figure out how to get the treat out. Not only does a paper towel roll keep your dog stimulated, but it helps to slow down their eating habits. 

Scent Games

Scent games are a fun way for you and your dog to play together. Also known as “find it,” scent games encourage your dog to embrace their superior sense of smell. 

To begin this game, you’ll need treats your pet loves. You will start by tossing a treat close to them and saying the words, “Find it.” Continue this process by tossing the treats further away, eventually throwing them somewhere they cannot see. 

Be sure to praise your dog when they find the treat each step of the way. They will quickly learn the game's purpose, making it a fun and incentivizing activity. 

Indoor or Outdoor Obstacle Courses

Dogs love to run and release their energy. An indoor or outdoor obstacle course is a fun and unique way to connect with them. 

First, set up a series of obstacles for your dog to run through, jump over, or avoid. Then, take some treats and drop them at different course areas individually. Be sure to praise them for each successful step. 

Like scent games, they will quickly learn what is expected of them. Obstacle courses are a great way to keep your dog mentally and physically active and focused. 

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Our dogs deserve to have mentally and physically enriching lives. That’s why it’s so important to have enrichment toys and ideas that keep them active, happy, and healthy.

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