Get Joy Simple Plus

Four pre-portioned 400gr Fresh Meal packets, and one 100% Beef Organ Treat of your choice.

Get Joy Simple Plus

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Get Joy Simple Plus gives you four (400g) packs of Fresh Frozen meals and the Freeze-Dried Organ Treat of your choice, so you and your pup can see what you like best. 

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Why feed Get Joy? You’ll see the difference

Feeding your dog fresh, whole, high-quality meals results in genuine lasting health you’ll see right before your eyes.

Better Breath

healthiest dog breath

Better Breath

A fresh, balanced diet leads to a healthier gut and better breath.

Healthy Coat

healthiest dog coat

Healthy Coat

High-quality, digestible proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins are essential for a healthy coat and less shedding.

Weight Control

healthiest dog weight

Weight Control

With no fillers or preservatives, our meals help dogs reach -- and maintain -- their perfect weight.

Prevention + Wellness

healthiest dog prevention

Prevention + Wellness

Eating fresh, balanced meals leads to fewer visits to the vet and an increase in energy, vitality, and happiness.

More than meals

Make treat-time as nutritious as mealtime with our vet-recommended, all-natural treats.


Rich nutrients to deliver targeted health benefits.

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Dental health to keep dogs healthy, occupied, and full of joy.

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Get Joy Simple Bundles

Which Fresh Meals and Treats will your dog like best? Try them and see!

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