Bully Braid- 6 Inch Braid

Your dog's Bully Braid- 6 Inch Braid

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Size 6 Inch Braid

Our Natural Chews are non-process chews that keep active dogs healthy, occupied, and “Joy-ful”. 

A bully stick is a single-ingredient dog chew that is made from high-protein beef muscle, specifically, the pizzle of a bull.

Ingredients: Bull pizzle, beef intestine (which is used to tie the braids together during the cooking process)

Description: A bull pizzle is split lengthwise, and these strips are braided together to create a braided bully stick. We hand-sort all of our bully sticks by weight, to ensure consistency. 6" standard braided bully sticks weigh 29g and below.

Chew Time: Tough. This is a moderately to long lasting chew for the majority of dogs.

Guaranteed Analysis: 
Fat 0.46%
Protein 86.86%
Moisture 9.86%
Fiber 1.55%
Calorie Content (calculated) 3.93 Kcal ME/g; 113 kcal ME per 6" braided bully stick

Sourced from Brazil

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