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Feed your dog like you feed the rest of your family—with fresh, whole foods. Our vet-designed dog meals, treats and chews make it easy!

Feed your dog like you feed the rest of your family—with fresh, whole foods. Our vet-designed dog meals, treats and chews make it easy!

Top quality ingredients

Only the good stuff. 100% human-grade food, cooked fresh for your dog each week

Vet-designs & customized plans

3 balanced recipes developed by vet nutritionists to drive wellness for all breeds, ages and sizes

Convenient, with no commitments

Pre-portioned meals ship free and deliver to your door. Subscribe and save, or order as you go

Limited Time Offer

30% off your first month subscription!

Start Feeding Fresh

Why feed Joy? You’ll see the difference

Traditional kibble has a lower price point for a reason: it’s packed with additives, and filler “food” you would never eat like “powdered meat”.

Feeding your dog fresh, whole, high-quality meals results in genuine lasting health you’ll see right before your eyes.

Better Breath

healthiest dog breath

Better Breath

Feeding your dog a fresh balanced diet leads to a healthier gut and better breath for your dog.

Healthy Coat

healthiest dog coat

Healthy Coat

High quality digestible proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins are essential for a healthy coat with less shedding.

Weight Control

healthiest dog weight

Weight Control

With NO fillers or preservatives, our fully balanced meals help your dogs get to and maintain their perfect weight.

Prevention + Wellness

healthiest dog prevention

Prevention + Wellness

Eating fresh food leads to fewer visits to the vet, and increase in energy, vitality and happiness.

How it works:

  • Customized Plan: Tell us about your dog to create your own menu! Receive 14 single-serve meals cooked fresh by our team each week. Choose up to 2 recipes for each weekly box.
  • Door-delivered and Ready to Serve: Our meals ship cold every week. Simply thaw one meal pack and pour it into your dog’s bowl twice daily.
  • No Commitment: Buy one week OR subscribe to save up to 10% + take an additional 30% off your first month. Pause or cancel any time. Shipping is always free!
subscribe today and GET 30% off your first month

What’s Inside the Box

  • 100% recyclable box OR for our local Fairfield orders a Joy Freezer Tote Bag.
  • Our 100% cotton liner keeps your food ice cold and is 100% recyclable.
  • Reusable ice pack to keep your food cold.
  • 14 pre-portioned single-serve meal packs ready to serve your dog
  • Welcome Kit including: Feeding transition guide, personalized nutrition information, and Joy Cares Team welcome!
  • Welcome gifts: A little something for you and your dog to welcome you to the family!

More than just meals

Make treat time as nutritious as mealtime with our 100% natural treats, recommended by vets.

beef organ treats

Organ Treats

Rich nutrients and targeted health benefits

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bully sticks for dogs


Dental health to keep dogs healthy, occupied and joy-ful

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sample bags of dog food

Sample Meals

Which fresh recipe will your dog like best? Try all three!

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Our Founder

Tom is about as passionate about dogs as it gets.

Brought up around dogs and animals all his life, it’s no wonder he is so connected and committed to the Joy mission. He counts his 3 golden retrievers, Cooper, Eddie and most recently Theo as his 5th, 6th and 7th kids, so when Cooper became ill in September of 2018, he was willing to do just about anything he could to help him recover.


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