At Joy, we're unleashing wellness and prevention for dogs through fresh, human-grade nutrition. Our meal plans and products make it easy to give your best friend, the best food.


"Brady is like a son to me :)! It has been over a month since we shifted his eating from kibble to fresh food. Two things we love most about Joy Food: The convenience of home delivery and what fresh food vs the highly processed food has done for the health of our dog. The decision to switch from kibble to fresh food has been the best one we’ve ever made for Brady (Brady has lost 7 lbs in 6 weeks)."


"I never knew what it meant to feed our dog Max good food until he started eating Joy’s turkey recipe. The days of his kibble sitting in his bowl for days are over...thank you for bringing fresh food to Max’s life.”

—Kathryn, Max’s momma

Norman the dog

“The shift to fresh food is on...”

—Megan, Norman’s ball thrower

Eddie the dog

"Eddie has trimmed up, eats amazingly well and most importantly, hasn’t had an ear infection for nearly 6 months. Food is his medicine and has kept him out of the vet office!"


Pearl the dog

"Hey Joy, Thanks for reaching out to me about Pearl! I was looking at Pearl the other day and was noticing how she has lost a few pounds, has a more defined waist line and her black coat is so shiny. We’re thrilled to have made the shift, it was easier than we imagined. Thank you for her improved health."

—Lindsay, Mom of Pearl :)!

"Delivery was perfect, Lyon had her first meal this morning and loved it!! Now thinks she rides shot gun : )."

-Stodd and Kerrin