At Get Joy our Meals, Treats and Chews are made to let you feed your dog fresh no matter where life takes you!


Pure, raw nutrition that’s grain-fortified and uniquely healthy, great tasting, and convenient.


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Ingredients you’d eat yourself, for dogs who think they’re human!

Fresh Meals

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Dental health to keep dogs healthy, occupied, and full of joy.

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Rich in nutrients to deliver targeted benefits.

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The perfect way for your pup to try a few of our Fresh Meals and the Freeze-Dried Treat of their choice.

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New recipes from the vets and chefs behind the ones you already love.

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Why feed Get Joy? You’ll see the difference

Feeding your dog fresh, whole, high-quality meals results in genuine lasting health you’ll see right before your eyes.

Better Breath

healthiest dog breath

Better Breath

A fresh, balanced diet leads to a healthier gut and better breath.

Healthy Coat

healthiest dog coat

Healthy Coat

High-quality, digestible proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins are essential for a healthy coat and less shedding.

Weight Control

healthiest dog weight

Weight Control

With no fillers or preservatives, our meals help dogs reach -- and maintain -- their perfect weight.

Prevention + Wellness

healthiest dog prevention

Prevention + Wellness

Eating fresh, balanced meals leads to fewer visits to the vet and an increase in energy, vitality, and happiness.


“Jaxson enjoys the food - I can tell because he eats it! I've been through so many foods it's unbelievable. Finally, there's a food he'll eat. I even enjoy opening the package - it doesn't smell like canned for packaged food, it smells fresh.”

- Jo Ann

"We never have to worry that she is eating too many calories, and feel great knowing her meals are full of nutrients that support her special needs. Plus - she thinks it's delicious!

- Lindsey

“I never knew what it meant to feed our dog Max good food until he started eating Get Joy Turkey Recipe. The days of kibble sitting in his bowl are over! Thank you for bringing fresh food to Max’s life!”

- Kathryn

“Thank you for spreading the JOY at our home! Henry is loving his new dining experience. And we love the presentation and packaging!”

- Bonnie + Jack A

“We really love that the food looks like something we would eat. Lia and Annie are loving their Get Joy Food. So glad we made the switch!”

- Cory

“I began mixing in some of the Get Joy fresh turkey meals. Finally a hit. So simple to use - cut open and feed as a meal. It honestly is the first dog food that looks like "real" food. Happiness all around!”

- Trish

“My SUPER picky, attitude Chi-Pom and Jack-Chi cannot get enough of this!! I have tried TONS of different foods and Get Joy is the winner!”

- Shannon

“I gave it a try and Chloe is absolutely obsessed! I’ve also noticed her skin, coat and overall mood has improved as I worked it into her diet. I am so thankful we found Get Joy!”

- Allie

“My pup Faith Loves Get Joy's food... many feel it is too expensive but it's not if you want your dog to live a longer, happier and healthy life... Highly Recommend.”

- Doreen

“I have to say he is doing so much better and he loves eating time. Thank you again.”

- Tatiana

“Teddy licks his bowl or 5 minutes after he is done and his coat is already starting to look better. He seems so much happier and I believe his health is improving.”

- Linda

“Plate wiped clean. He loves it. It is the first time he's not vocal for more food... I think I hit the jackpot.”

- Jenna

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