Getting Started with Get Joy

Tips for a smooth switch

A Phased Approach

How To Transition From Your Dog’s Current Food

Just like us, our dogs need time to adjust to new foods, so a gradual introduction is the best approach. Start by adding a small amount of Get Joy food into your dog’s current diet, gradually increasing it over the course of a week.

Days 1-2

25% Fresh Food

75% Original Food

Days 3-4

50% Fresh Food

50% Original Food

Days 5-6

75% Fresh Food

25% Original Food

Days 7+

100% Fresh Get Joy Meals

More of a visual learner?

Tutorials: How to Feed Get Joy

Fresh Meals

Developed with animal nutritionists, our fresh, farm-to-bowl meals improve the health of your best pal — so you get to live a long and happy life together.

Fresh Freeze Dried

Our vet-developed FRESH FREEZE DRIED® retains 97% of nutrients and was designed to provide unbeatable performance in your dog’s diet– whether a puppy or adult. Use it as a topper, a mix-in or a full meal.

Fresh Treats

Just because it's a treat, that doesn't mean it needs to be indulgent. Watch to learn more about getting started with Fresh Treats as a topper today!

Tips for Picky Eaters and Sensitive Tummies

Rotate flavors

Variety is the spice of life! Try our various flavors until you find the right fit

Warm up the food

If you need to warm up the meals, run the container under a warm water bath

Use treats as a topper

Incentivize meals with a little (healthy!) dessert before dinner

While most dogs adapt easily, any improvements in your dog’s diet can initially affect their digestive system. Temporary issues like runny stools or vomiting can happen right when you change, but are not cause for concern. Reach out to our televet 24/7 services if you have concerns with your dog!

Build a Personalized Nutrition Plan

We've consulted with an industry leading team of veterinarians and pet nutrition experts to empower you to build your dog the perfect nutrition plan based on their life stage and health goals.
Build One Now

Change Your Dog’s Life in Just 30 Days

Healthier weight

with optimized digestibility

Less potty trips

with firmer, less frequent stools

Softer snuggles

with a shinier coat

Sweeter kisses

with fresher breath

Faster fetches

with increased energy and vitality