Gut Health: Unpacked

Importance at a cellular level

what gut health really Means

The gut is the most important system in the body, critical for longevity and disease prevention for people and dogs. When we have the right balance in diet and a healthy microbiome, we can positively affect the health of every organ in the body, including the brain.

In The Gut We Trust


Of seretonin, the chemical responsible for a dog's mood, cognition, reward-system and happiness, is gut-derived


Of immune cells, the fighters of infections and disease, are in a dog's gut


Of dogs experience at least 1 symptom of gut microbiome imbalance

An unhealthy Gut is inextricably linked to inflammation, accelerated aging, and nearly all chronic diseases including cancers, diabetes and obesity. Get Joy puts “gut health” at the center of all our innovative thinking and thanks to our expert animal nutritionists, we’ve developed science-backed nutrition and supplement products that deliver to your dog essential gut health, every day.

The Science

The gut plays a unique role in our dog’s body by digesting the food they eat so their body can adequately absorb the nutrients that help sustain life. It’s where beneficial bacteria reside, having enough of which guarantees the function of the rest of their organs and aids in a healthy digestive and immune system. Therefore, a balanced, gut-focused diet filled with pre-, pro, and postbiotics is a lesser-known key to a long, healthy and joyful life.

The gut microbiome is an ecosystem of tiny organisms (microbes like bacteria, fungi, and viruses) that live in the gastrointestinal tract and help carry out many extraordinary and essential bodily processes. In dogs, having a flourishing gut microbiome filled with healthy bacteria helps ensure the rest of the body functions properly. It is essential for beneficial immune and digestive support, not to mention a healthy and long life.

The gut is connected to other organs throughout a dog’s body including the brain, immune and nervous systems. Therefore, the benefits of a healthy gut are vast, including better nutrient absorption from foods, increased digestion, improved mood and behavior, and, most notably, increased vitality and joyful moments.

Gelatinization is the cooking of dietary starch. Dogs cannot effectively digest raw starch, which in turn makes their stool runny. In the process of gelatinization, starch is converted to its more digestible form so dogs can digest and absorb nutrients. We can thus consider gelatinization the measure of starch digestibility.

Antibiotics are sometimes necessary to fight off harmful bacteria and should always be used as directed by your vet. It's important to be aware, though, that they will negatively affect microbiome balance in your dog's gut. This just means it's important to re-establish that balance after use with pre, pro, and postbiotics.

The Solution

You can support your dog's gut health by feeding them a diet rich in pre, pro, and post biotics. This will ensure a thriving microbiome, which is the key to your dog’s gut health and overall wellness routine.

You can support your dog's gut health by engaging in regular exercise that improves digestion, and avoiding unnecessary antibiotics, which can destroy the gut flora, and only using them when prescribed by a vet.

Get Joy optimizes all of their products for digestion, and our Fresh Freeze Dried Meals are specially formulated with pre, pro, and postbiotics to ensure the very best gut health for our dogs.

At Get Joy we have a 99% gelatinization, meaning our starches are 99% digestible to a dog. Other leading dog food brands have starch gelatinization values in the 80% range or lower.

Although antibiotics are sometimes necessary when there is harmful bacteria in a dog's gut, they shouldn't be used alone. They can destroy the good bacteria with the bad. This is why it's so important to re-establish the balance of bacteria by incorporating pre, pro and postbiotics into your dog's diet after use.

Enhanced Nutrient Absorption

A healthy gut ensures optimal digestion, meaning your dog gets the most out of every meal.

Boosted Immunity

A significant portion of the immune system is housed in the gut. A balanced gut flora equates to a stronger defense against pathogens.

Mood and Behavior

Emerging research suggests a link between gut health and mood. A happy gut can mean a happier, more relaxed dog.

Better and Less Frequent Stools

A healthy gut leads to firmer, less smelly, less frequent stools, making clean-up easier and more pleasant.

Alleviation of Seasonal Allergies

Surprisingly, a well-balanced gut can also influence your dog's response to seasonal allergies. A healthy gut may help reduce the severity of allergic reactions, making those spring and fall seasons more comfortable for your furry friend.

Get Joy's Gut Health Recipe

Pre, pro, and postbiotics are three bacterial communities essential for a healthy gut microbiome. Unlike our competitors, we include all three in our Fresh Freeze Dried dog food so your dog can feed the good bacteria they already have (with prebiotics), add more good bacteria into the mix (probiotics), and experience the benefits of both throughout the rest of the body (postbiotics).

The Gut Fertilizer


Our Ingredient: Inulin (Chicory root)

Prebiotics are compounds naturally found in food that foster the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut and support a healthy digestive system. 

Think of prebiotics as fertilizer for the gut; they help cultivate an ideal microbiome where healthy bacteria can grow by serving as “food” for probiotics. Having enough prebiotics in a diet can help ensure proper microbiome balance, which, in dogs, has significant physical, mental, and emotional impacts. 90% of a dog’s serotonin production occurs in the gut, which means a happy gut microbiome equals a happy dog.  

The Gut Flora


Our Ingredient: Blend of four microorganism strains

Probiotics help maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut and support healthy immune function, including fending off disease.

Probiotics are the microorganisms that make up a healthy and balanced microbiome. They “feed” off prebiotics and contribute to several important biological processes, like regulating mood and stress—thanks to the gut-brain axis—and the immune and digestive systems.

The Gut Compost


Our Ingredient: Yeast Culture

Postbiotics are the byproduct "goodies" that result when probiotics feed on prebiotics. These byproducts are characterized as metabolites and include things like short-chain fatty acids, amino acids and peptides, vitamins such as B12, folate and vitamin K, and digestive enzymes.

These metabolites work together to help prevent harmful substances from entering the bloodstream, regulate the immune system functions, reduce inflammation, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, promote bone health, blood clotting and tissue repair, and help the body absorb nutrients.

Better Together: The Power Of Three

Prebiotics are food for beneficial gut bacteria, but do not introduce beneficial bacteria directly. Probiotics do introduce beneficial bacteria, but their effectiveness is subject to factors like stomach acid and stress. Postbiotics synergize the benefits of prebiotics and probiotics, providing a stable, resilient option that surpasses the limitations of live bacteria and ensuring consistent gut health and immune system support.

Gut Health in a Bag: Fresh Freeze Dried Meals

To us, gut health means a strong immune system, optimized digestive support, high energy, and in turn, happiness for your best friend. Investing in your dog's nutrition, and therefore gut health, is the most impactful step you can take towards your dog's vitality and joyful life.

 contains Contains Pre, Pro & Postbiotics, scientifically proven to maintain a healthy gut microbiome

Contains Pre, Pro & Postbiotics, scientifically proven to maintain a healthy gut microbiome

 contains Industry leading digestibility so your dog can better absorb nutrients

Industry leading digestibility so your dog can better absorb nutrients

 contains All the benefits of fresh food, with the pantry-friendly convenience

All the benefits of fresh food, with the pantry-friendly convenience

 contains Gluten free and GMO free so even dogs with dietary restrictions can enjoy

Gluten free and GMO free so even dogs with dietary restrictions can enjoy

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The Gut Health Impact


My senior French bull dog was having trouble digesting his food. This problem created a serious and painful hemorrhoid issue. the turkey recipe cleared up both issues with in a week. No more medicine for George.

Lucy F.

Bandit is a vacuum dog and because of that, he has GI issues. Since moving from kibble to Get Joy, his GI issues have dramatically decreased. The constant drooling and intermittent diarrhea are gone.

Carol S.

Our dog has had the most beautiful poop since starting on Get Joy - she absolutely loves it, but I think her gut loves it even more! Would highly recommend!!!

Mia V.

After six years of trying, finally found a dog food that works for my Golden's digestion! It's so easy to prepare too - just add warm water and let it soften up for a few minutes! My dog LOVES it!

Karen R.

Our pup Sophie is officially obsessed and lives the freeze dried food as well. :) I’m so grateful for good gut health keeping our pup from bad breath etc.

Brandy B.

Our 18 month old German Shepard/Lab/Pitbull mix, Sumo, loves this food. We’ve been feeding him Get Joy dog food since we brought Sumo home at 12 weeks old. His digestion is great, his coat is shiny and he has lots of good energy. It’s super easy to prepare too! We highly recommend it!

Karen R.

Fun Fact: Which two parts of our body "talk" together the most?

Answer: Our gut and our brain! This communication is called the gut-brain axis. Think of the gut-brain axis as a two-way street where the gut and the brain are constantly chatting. Surprisingly, our gut has more nerve cells than any other part of our body, except for the brain, making this communication super intense.

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