Wellness That Goes Beyond The Bowl

Introducing Get Joy Dog Supplements

Three Formulas. One mission: More joyful moments with your dog

Our daily dog supplement chews are designed by PhD Animal Nutritionists using real ingredients optimized for impact—scientifically proven to target your dog’s gut health and joint care and provide stress support.



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    Calm+ Supplement Chew

    Calm+ Supplement

    Regular price$34.95
    Our science-backed Calm+ daily supplement chews are proven to provide daily targeted and preventative stress support with key ingredients like chamomile and valerian root.

    Reduces Stress & Anxiety
    Improves Mood
    Increases Sleep Quality
    Reduces Hyperactivity

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    Gut+ Supplement Chew

    Gut+ Supplement

    Regular price$44.95
    Our science-backed Gut+ daily supplement chews are proven to provide daily targeted and preventative gut health support for your dog with key ingredients like pre, pro, and postbiotics.

    Alleviates Digestive Discomforts
    Strengthens Immune System
    Promotes Vitality & Energy
    May Reduce Inflammation

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    Joint+ Supplement Chew

    Joint+ Supplement

    Regular price$34.95
    Our science-backed Joint+ daily supplement chews are proven to provide daily targeted and preventative joint support with key ingredients like green lipped mussels and glucosamine.

    Improves Flexibility & Mobility
    Reduces Joint Discomfort
    Supports Cartilage & Stronger Bones
    May Reduce Inflammation

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    Every Dog is Different

    Choose The Right Support For Them.

    Calm+ is Best For Dogs With:

    Separation anxiety
    Prone to destructive behavior
    A generally anxious disposition
    Difficulty with travel or noisiness
    Hyperactivity issues
    Trouble sleeping

    Gut+ is Best For Dogs With:

    Digestive discomforts
    Runny or odorful stool
    Low energy
    Seasonal allergies
    Coat quality issues
    Breath odor

    Joint+ is best for Dogs With:

    Trouble with walking or stairs
    Joint inflammation
    Cartilage depletion
    Prone to bone or joint injuries
    Old age
    Flexibility issues

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This is a great question. It’s really similar to why humans need supplements. Let’s start with the problem. Sadly, chronic canine illnesses, like obesity, diabetes, and inflammation, impact more dogs now than in the past. This is because the approach to improving human wellness has evolved while dog wellness has fallen far behind, leading to shorter life expectancies for our dogs. The focus on longevity for our dogs makes holistic and preventative daily wellness routines more vital than ever. Although we believe that a recipe for a long and happy dog’s life begins with nutrition, their health goes beyond the bowl and requires supplements that can target their most basic biological needs. Common health concerns for dogs sit across gut health and digestion, joint and mobility care, and stress and anxiety. These problems can worsen as dogs age, given cartilage wears down in their muscles, their mental cognition worsens, and their immunity decreases. Taking the preventative route to your dog’s health from the beginning means stopping these concerns before they start. 

    Labels can be confusing and overwhelming for human products, let alone products for your dog. Just like you read labels closely for anything you put into your body, you should do the same for your dog! Active ingredients are those that are specifically added for their key benefits and directly contributing to the supplement's effectiveness in supporting your dog’s health. Think ingredients like our green-lipped mussels, our valerian root, and our pre, pro, and postbiotics. In contrast, inactive ingredients are used to bind, stabilize, or flavor the supplement, often having no direct health benefit - but it’s what makes them delicious! Get Joy sets a high standard by using sustainably sourced, cruelty-free ingredients, and ensuring zero fillers in our products. For example, instead of using artificial preservatives like many other brands do, we use buffered white distilled vinegar which helps extend our supplements shelf life and also aids in digestion. We believe that dogs deserve real, wholesome ingredients, just like we do.

    Dog supplements, like human supplements, are not only an investment in wellness, but an investment in a longer, happier life with your dog. We obsess over every aspect of our supplements, so you can feel good about every chew you feed your best friend.

    We develop our formulas with expert Ph.D. companion animal nutritionists

    We source top quality ingredients that you won’t find in other supplements like pre, pro, and postbiotics

    We ensure every batch is third-party tested and adhere to stringent NASC guidelines

    We never use artificial ingredients, added hormones, fillers, or byproduts. Our ingredients are always cruelty- free and non GMO

    Our packaging is made from recyclable material, is BPA free, and is recyclable.

    Your dog will begin to experience benefits from our chews at around 60 days, then full benefits at around 90 days.

    All of our supplements are daily chewable supplements!

    Yes, our supplements are suitable for all breeds. But we recommend waiting until your puppy is fully weaned and eating regular food before incorporating supplements into their daily routine.

    Yes, our supplements are designed with sensitive stomachs in mind. Remember that all dogs are different, so the best way to know is to try it before making an informed decision.

    Yes, your dog can safely enjoy our chicken-flavored supplement even if they are allergic to chicken. We understand that chicken allergies in dogs are typically triggered by the proteins found in chicken meat. Our chicken flavoring is carefully formulated to capture the taste dogs love without including the specific protein that can cause allergic reactions. This means that dogs with chicken allergies can still benefit from our supplement without the worry of an allergic reaction. Our priority is to provide a safe, enjoyable product that all dogs can benefit from!

    No, our daily chews are not refrigerated and can be kept in any cool, dry place.

    Our daily chews are best administered between meals rather than with meals for optimal absorption.

    Combining Get Joy’s Gut+, Calm+, and Joint+ supplements can offer comprehensive support for your dog's health, targeting digestive wellness, emotional balance, and joint health. While generally safe, careful monitoring ensures these supplements benefit your dog. Pay close attention to your dog's behavior after introducing these supplements, and look for changes in personality, appetite, or bowel movements. Adverse reactions are rare but can occur, and identifying them early allows for prompt adjustments to the supplementation plan. Consider your dog's unique health profile and consult with a veterinarian if you're unsure about the best approach to supplementation.

    Dogs Deserve Real Supplements


    Our dogs are our family. They deserve the best because they give their best to you, so invest in the supplements that can improve and extend their quality of life.

    Get Joy envisions a future where supplements, like nutrition, are the foundation of a healthier, happier, and longer life for both dogs and their owners. Healthier, thanks to increased digestion and immunity, happier because of the serotonin boost a happy gut produces, and longer because of the increase in days together that this preventive combination creates.

    Health Isn’t Just Human

    the best nutrition isn’t always good enough

    The approach to improving human wellness has evolved while dog wellness has fallen far behind. Chronic canine illnesses like obesity, diabetes, and inflammation have increased dramatically in recent years, making the need for preventive, holistic dog wellness more important than ever.

    While we believe that a balanced and gut-focused nutritious diet is the foundation of dog wellness, wholesome nutrition alone may not be enough to keep our dogs living long and healthy lives.

    Your dog’s health goes beyond the bowl.