Get Joy
Partner Program

We work with all types of partners across the U.S.

  • Health & Wellness Gurus/ Experts
  • Micro-influencers
  • Macro-influencers
  • UGC Creators
  • Athletes
  • Brand Ambassadors 
  • Fitness/ Yoga Instructors 
  • Brand Affiliates 
  • Dog-friendly Businesses 

Brooks Laich & Koda

Brooks is a former professional ice hockey player with a love for outdoor adventure and his travel companion, Koda. As a life-long athlete, Brooks understands the on-going importance of nutrition for himself and those he loves. He proudly feeds Koda Get Joy food and values the high-quality nutrition it provides.

Alex Silverfagan & Kali

Meet Alex and her soulmate, Kali. Dog-human soul connections are real and extremely powerful. Kali came into Alex’s life when she needed her most and since then, they’ve been inseparable. Alex tells her yoga students and followers, “I believe when you take care of others, you’re also taking care of yourself.” By feeding Kali Get Joy, Alex is caring for her soul-dog with the greatest, simplest nutrients for the happiest, healthiest lifestyle.

Remi Ishizuka, Simba & Lulu

The Texas lifestyle bodes well for Remi and her many animals, with tons of space to enjoy. Her food is the fuel for her active lifestyle; Remi loves to share her super healthy, super easy recipes. She always uses fresh, nutrient dense ingredients and she wants the same in the food she gives her pack of dogs, so that’s where we come in. With Get Joy, Remi trusts that her clan is getting wholesome ingredients with the right nutrients!

Olivia Amato, Tobi & Rue

Olivia is your #1 hype girl, especially on the Peloton bike. When she’s teaching a class from her home, she has her own hype team behind the scenes: Tobi and Rue! These two pups fill Olivia with Joy by cheering her on when she rides, and in return, she fills them with Joy by getting fresh meals from Get Joy. These three make a great team!

Trevor Holmes & Koda

Koda gives her dad, Trevor, the “look” every day at 11am sharp. She’s so excited to eat her Get Joy food, keeping Trevor on a strict schedule. As a famous singer and active guy, Trevor has a busy life, so he appreciates the routine he has with Koda. Trevor’s favorite thing to do is go on adventures with Koda and we think it’s her favorite thing to do as well. Wherever they travel, Get Joy fresh freeze-dried meals are packed for Koda, and she makes sure to stick to the 11am schedule!

Devon McCready & Lady

Devon and her lil Lady are living their best lives in Palm Beach and Nantucket. Whether Lady is posing as Devon’s shopping assistant, runway model, or art connoisseur, she is always full of energy to play the part. Lady stays energized for all of their activities because Devon feeds her nutrient rich meals from Get Joy. This pair’s upbeat, contagious energy brings us so much Joy!

Courtney Hamel & Tonkins

Courtney is not only a yoga teacher and health enthusiast, but she also is bringing the ultimate wellness guide on wheels! Residing wherever their van takes them, Court gives us a peak into her life as she travels the West Coast with her fiancé, Nate, and pup, Tonkins. As we live vicariously through her van life adventures, Courtnie makes health and wellness a way of life with her easy recipes and yoga flows!

What's In It for You
We love working with partners who are passionate about helping others live healthy and joyful lives. Things you may recieve include:
  • Merch
  • Early access to new product launches
  • Personalized discount code for your community