Our Story

Our mission

At Get Joy, our mission is to unleash dog wellness and prevention through nutrition. We’re committed to helping your dog live her best, healthiest life, all through fresh, wholesome foods.

We believe wellness, happiness and joy represent our greatest opportunities to improve the way dogs live their lives. We create freshest, most nutritional products to help your dog feel their best. Get Joy believes there’s a direct correlation between the quality of our food and the quality of our lives. Nutrition has long been used to treat and prevent disease, just as diet and exercise are paramount to overall health and longevity of life for both people and pets. We cook the freshest veggies, fruits, and proteins into delicious meals that make a difference. No additives or preservatives, no processed foods. Get Joy’s meals are developed with the ingredients that both dogs and humans should eat more of.

Our formulation benefits stretch way beyond nutrition, they drive all wellness aspects of your dog’s health: boosts in your dog’s energy, happiness, coat quality, alertness and overall activity. For dogs, just like humans, fresh food gives them a greater chance to live a healthier more active life, with fewer trips to the vet, fewer food related allergies (auto immune), fewer vet bills to pay, fewer antibiotics being prescribed and keeping more money in your pocket.

We are a ‘Direct To Consumer’ company that loves to deliver great, home-made meals to your dog. We are designed as a mobile first and desktop experience. @getjoyfood can be found on Instagram, Facebook and the tools we use are helping us build great relationship with you. We care deeply about you and your dog. We ask questions about how your experiences are going, what can we improve upon, we think about what’s possible and ultimately, what nutritional innovation can we dream of, to stay true to our mission…unleashing wellness and prevention.

Our journey

Tom, our founder, created Get Joy because his Golden Retriever, Cooper became ill with Lymphoma in September 2018. What he learned was pretty astounding. For decades, our most beloved friend, our dog, has never been considered in the evolution of nutritional wellness. Far too many dogs are eating highly processed foods – Kibble. While developed for convenience, it isn’t something we should accept. We feel strongly about the need to shift the nutritional paradigm. There are 3 wellness pillars in your dog’s health: Nutrition, Genetics and Environment. Get Joy decided to solve for and focused on what we believe is the most important and controllable pillar, nutrition. Our commitment was born out of passion, out of purpose to make a difference in the lives of your dog.

Impacting these amazing animals that comfort us, delight us with their unconditional love, with the very best nutrition, is our biggest commitment and opportunity for Get Joy.

After many Vet conversations and visits, his research led him to Dr. Kendra Pope, a specialist in integrated oncology and veterinary wellness. Dr. Pope helped Tom better understand what healing principles were possible through nutrition. “Let thy Food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates 400 BC – Let nutrition help cure and prevent disease. Dr. Pope moved quickly to prescribe a meal plan approach that was 100% around fresh ingredients, no additives or preservatives, only the best ingredients that drive both wellness and prevention. Out went the unhealthy kibble and in came the home-cooked, fresh food approach. Farm to table became farm to bowl.

It was a dramatic shift to eating for Cooper and Eddie but what an amazing shift it was. While Cooper’s recovery formulation was specifically designed for his illness, the new ingredients not only changed his life but Eddie’s as well. Their energy, appetite, coat health, alertness, and overall happiness return in a matter of days. Eddie went from chronic ear infections to no ear infections. Cooper lived for another 20 months thanks to his nutritional regiment. While losing a great friend is hard, the lessons learn were not forgotten and are now being put into practice at Get Joy. Thanks to Cooper, Get Joy is now a company committed to wellness and prevention.

Tom created Get Joy out of this love and seeing first hand, the impact of Cooper’s health resurgence. Immediately upon seeing Cooper’s recovery, Tom set about creating a fresh, healthy, balanced meal formulation plan that he could share with dogs and their families everywhere.

Get Joy now is a wellness experience offering Fresh Full Meals, Fresh Toppers (or mix-in), Freeze Dried Organ Treats, and soon to launch Freeze Dried Raw meals (same Get Joy recipe).

We’re especially grateful for our veterinary nutrition and recipe formulation partners at Veterinary Nutritional Consultation (VetNutrition.com). The VNC team is comprised of ACVN Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists® and formulated these wholesome recipes to be compliant with AAFCO nutrient profiles.

In addition to having the industry’s freshest product, we’re thrilled about our new cooking facility which meets the standards for human grade (USDA) ingredient production. We weren’t kidding about our food being as good for you as it is for your dog!