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Our Mission

Joy was created to build a community of wellness, for dogs and the people who love them.

We are solely focused on the wellness of your dog. Joy believes there is a direct correlation between the quality of our food and the quality of our lives. Nutrition has long been used to treat and prevent disease, just as diet and exercise are paramount to overall health and longevity of life for both people and pets. We cook the freshest veggies, fruits, and proteins into delicious meals. The kinds of food that both dogs and humans should eat more of.

It’s more than just the positive impact that our recipes have on their coats, their energy, and their happiness. For dogs, just like humans, fresh food gives us a greater chance to live a healthier life, with fewer trips to the vet, fewer vet bills to pay, and fewer antibiotics being prescribed.


Our Journey

Tom, his wife Kathy, and their kids are all part of the wellness journey. We hope you’ll join the journey too. To share the joy that comes from supporting wellness for everyone in your family.

Tom counts his 2 golden retrievers, Cooper and Eddie as his 5th and 6th kids, so when Cooper became ill in August of 2018, he was willing to do just about anything he could. Tom’s research led him to Dr Kendra Pope, a specialist in integrated oncology and veterinary wellness. Immediately, Dr Pope set about creating a wellness plan that included a dramatic shift in eating, from kibble to fresh ingredients, with a specifically formulated recipe to balance Cooper’s system. Cooper is now in remission, and he’s got his energy and his appetite back. He’s as healthy as he’s ever been.

Tom created Joy out of this love, and the impact of Cooper’s resurgence. Immediately upon seeing Cooper’s resurgence, Tom set about creating a fresh, healthy, balanced meal plan that he could share with dogs and their families everywhere. With help from Sarah Abood, DVM, PhD, he developed the Joy recipes that he produces and shares today.

Our Team

Tom Arrix

A successful entrepreneur and marketer in the tech world. He’s also a passionate dog owner with two golden retrievers, Cooper and Eddie. After witnessing the incredible recovery that a balanced, fresh diet gave Cooper after a life-threatening illness, Tom decided to create a brand dedicated to health and wellness for pets and people who love them.


Dr Sarah Abood, DVM, PhD

One of the founders of Pet Recipe Designers with over 30 years of experience in veterinary medicine and nutrition, Dr Abood is also the owner of Sit, Stay, Speak Nutrition, LLC specializing in nutritional coaching for veterinary health care professionals.

See Dr Abood's resume here: link (pdf)

Rebecca L Remillard, PhD, DVM, DACVN

Founder and President of Veterinary Nutritional Consultations, Inc. specializing in formulating strategically appropriate dietary recommendations for dogs. She has provided independent consulting to pet owners and veterinarians through PetDiets.com since 2000 and started PetRecipeDesigners.com in 2017.

See Dr Remillard's resume here: link (pdf)