Our Story

A story of perseverance turned into a mission to create more joyful moments between dogs and their owners with health & nutrition.

“My greatest joy is to do everything possible to transform the health and wellness for dogs, everywhere.”

Tom Arrix | Founder & CEO

The Journey

Once an unexpected journey, now a resolute purpose - we invite you to be part of it.

In late 2018, Tom's life took a profound turn when his Golden Retriever, Cooper, battled Lymphoma. It was a wake-up call. In an age where human nutrition was evolving, Tom couldn't ignore the fact that most dogs were stuck with kibble and high processed fare. This realization sparked a transformative mission: to redefine canine nutrition.

Guided by veterinarians, vet nutritionists and renown animal scientists, Tom learned about the three pillars of dog wellness: Nutrition, Genetics, and Environment. At Get Joy, our focus sharpens on the most pivotal and manageable pillar - Nutrition. It's a commitment born from an unwavering love for our dogs, a pledge to make their lives exceptional, disease free and healthy throughout their lifetime. 

Dr. Kendra Pope, our trusted vet advisor, played a pivotal role. She brought forth the healing power of nutrition, swiftly transforming Cooper's life with wholesome, additive-free, preservative-free ingredients - a true farm-to-bowl transformation. “Food is thy medicine and medicine is thy food.”

Cooper thrived for another 20 months, offering Tom's family precious extra moments. While farewells are never easy, the lessons learned are now our driving force at Get Joy.

“Let thy Food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Hippocrates | 400 B.C.

Our Unique Approach - To Create Joyful Moments

We're not your typical pet company. We’re a dog wellness company. We embrace each day as an opportunity—a chance to build trust with our customers, to focus on your pet's long-term well-being, and, most importantly, to make a real impact on the lives of pets and their loving families.

Every time someone chooses Get Joy for their dog, they're not just improving their pet's health and well-being; they're also helping revolutionize an entire industry. Why this transformation? For far too long, the pet industry has been driven by big corporations more interested in mediocre products and profits than the health and wellness of our companions.

But we, led by Tom and his dedicated team, are here to change that narrative.

Our commitment runs deep - we're on a mission to improve the lives of families through pet health and nutrition. We envision a world where dogs and their families enjoy benefits beyond their wildest dreams. We lead with education and awareness, standing side by side with people as they live their best lives, and offering them the healthiest, freshest, highest impact products this planet has to offer. We are unwavering in our belief that great nutrition and supplements are the future of health and wellness. The era of processed nutrition is fading away, and we see our pets living their healthiest, happiest, best lives. It’s preventative wellness. We see a day where chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes and inflammation are no longer health and wellness high hurdles for dogs to clear.

Our meals and products are crafted with love and purpose. We are immensely grateful for our partners at Veterinary Nutritional Consultation (VetNutrition.com), a team of ACVN Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists® who helped us create these wholesome recipes, ensuring they meet AAFCO nutrient profiles and, most importantly, bring joy.

At Get Joy - our vision is to create more joyful moments for families and their dogs. Life with healthy dogs is more fun, is more adventurous, is more energizing and simply put, better. We welcome you to join our wellness movement.