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Yes! Our Fresh Freeze Dried Meals are great for all ages and retain 97% of the nutrients in the ingredients thanks to freeze drying technology, so you can rest assured that you're feeding your young one food that will help them grow up strong and healthy. 

Unfortunately our Fresh Meals are not yet formulated for puppies, but stay tuned because we're cooking up a new recipe for that too!

Nutritional options have dramatically evolved in the last 5 years. Kibble is a high heat, highly processed product, made with less than desirable ingredients like meat fillers, artificial preservatives and low-quality ingredients. While many dogs survive on mass-produced dry food, recent studies have shown a link between processed foods and poor health - allergies, diabetes, and even some cancers.

Eating fresh foods provides your animal with both a balanced AND optimal approach to health and wellness. Fresh nutrition becomes your dog’s medicine and nutritional roadmap for wellness. Fresh food can impact your dog’s energy, coat quality, digestion health and put them on a wellness track that processed foods can’t.

Every meal is hand crafted and gently cooked. We cook weekly and only have a few weeks of inventory in our freezers so you’re receiving really fresh product for your dog’s enjoyment. We have “Good Food for Dogs” on our labels for a reason – no junk, no additives, no fillers…nothing but goodness.

Get Joy believes in No Junk Allowed.

Get Joy Fresh Meals are made from fresh, whole ingredients gently cooked with no artificial preservatives and then frozen and shipped to your door.

Our Fresh Freeze Dried is made from USDA sourced beef, beef organ, pumpkin and flaxseed. We also add a natural preservative, mixed tocopherals, which is Vitamin E to help retain shelf life up to 24 months.

Our Commercial kitchen is 3 miles from our founder’s home.  We love the local, hand crafted, gently cooked with love, approach.  We assure you the quality and control you deserve and should expect. Batch coding, testing and fulfillment is done in our facility in Norwalk, CT.

We are grateful for our veterinary nutrition and recipe formulation partners at Veterinary Nutritional Consultation (VetNutrition.com). The VNC team -- made up of ACVN Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists® have been with us since the beginning formulating our wholesome recipes to be compliant with AAFCO standards. Our Freeze Dried Raw is no different, designed by two animal science nutritionists with industry and university leading expertise in digestive and gut health. We have an incredible 1-2 punch when it comes to the best formulators in the industry.

From day one we decided to use only wholesome, healthy ingredients that you and your family would eat. All ethically and humanely sourced, simple ingredients sourced from USA farms. All our meals are balanced which is critical AND formulated to drive optimal health.  We do use supplements in our fresh & freeze dried meals to assure your dog gets a balanced meal, every time.

Every recipe we design, every product we create meets AAFCO’s Canine Food Nutrient Profiles.

We don’t offer samples but we do offer trial size products for fresh meals and freeze dried raw. Enough of an offering where you see you dog devour these healthy ingredients and you see a difference in their energy, coat quality.

We are always thinking about how we can help our customers. Fresh doesn’t always mean you have to move away from kibble. We believe every dog and every home should take steps towards great nutrition. A little bit of fresh is a big step towards better health. You can start with Fresh as a topper or partial kibble replacement and even use our treats as a topper to you current feeding regimen.

Packaging, Sustainability, & Shipping

We are moving closer to becoming a Certified B company. We think about the social and environmental impact of everything we do. Our insulation, packaging and boxes are either recyclable or made from recycled materials and most times both!

We ship all products across all contiguous 48 states.

You can always go to your account and manage your deliveries. If you want to reach out to us directly, kindly email us at cares@getjoyfood.comor call / text us at (203) 296-3132.

Because we are the food business, we can’t take returns. You can always donate the food or discard it. Local dog shelters or refuge centers are always in need of great food. Important note - If you are a subscriber of our fresh meals or freeze dried raw products and have used our products for 30 days (as the primary nutrition source) and haven’t seen a difference in your animal, we’re happy to connect about refunding your last order.

We will deliver your first order 7-10 days from the day of the order. We always hope to surprise and delight by getting your dog her food sooner than later. Please note, all future orders will be delivered weekly or bi-weekly depending on your preference.

If you need to adjust portion sizes, login to your customer account, click on subscriptions, go to your active subscription and click on "Manage Subscription" to edit portion size and flavor. You can also contact us directly at cares@getjoyfood.com to assist you.

Fresh meals arrive frozen so it’s best to keep most of your shipment in the freezer, take 2-3 days worth of food and leave in the refrigerator to thaw. Follow this plan until your next order arrives.

It’s  easy to use and store. All you need to do is seal the bag after feeding and simply leave in your pantry or drawer. No refrigeration is required.