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How can I tell if my dog's Fresh Meals are safe to use when they arrive?

Get Joy in Little Things

Little Things

My dog used to refuse his meals until we started serving him Get Joy dog food...
Get Joy in MediaPost


The founder of fresh and healthy dog food brand Get Joy comes to his fixation on virtual community and collaboration honestly. It's in his pedigree...
Get Joy in TheDrum


Dog wellness brand Get Joy announced this week that it has begun to develop its new ‘Get Joy dog zone,’ the world’s first metaverse-based dog park.
Get Joy in The Street

The Street

The virtual space, named Get Joy Dog Zone, is being designed in partnership with, the first web3 engagement infrastructure for people and brands, the company said...

Get Joy in TrendHunter


Get Joy, the direct-to-consumer wellness dog brand, recently announced a new initiative that takes place in the metaverse -- Get Joy Dog Zone.
Get Joy in New Haven Biz

New Haven Biz

Get Joy, an online dog food retailer based in Norwalk, announced Tuesday it was building the first dog park in the metaverse, the virtual-reality space touted as the future of human interaction...