A dog sniffs grass outside as a black bag of Calm+ supplements sits next to him.

This Dog Anxiety Awareness Week, Try Calm+

Dog parents who have anxious pets understand the challenges of dog anxiety. In fact, some owners may even find calming methods to be ineffective or difficult to implement because of how anxious their canines are. This is where dog anxiety supplements can help! Here’s why dog owners should try anxiety supplements, and why Get Joy’s Calm+ is the best option available.

Why Try Anxiety Supplements for Dogs?

Whether it’s separation anxiety or a fear of thunderstorms, dogs struggling with anxiety can be a hard challenge to overcome. Some owners may even find methods ineffective. But with anxiety supplements for dogs, dog owners can receive the support they’ve been looking for! Here’s why anxiety supplements for dogs are worth it.

  • Eases Anxiety and Stress: Chamomile, valerian root, and other naturally calm-inducing ingredients offer dogs a way to better handle their anxiety.

  • Makes Stress Management Easier: When used as recommended, anxiety supplements can provide owners with consistent support for their canine’s emotional well-being.

  • Offers Effective Support to Emotional Regulation: While anxiety supplements may not be the sole solution to dog anxiety, they do offer targeted support that makes a canine’s emotional regulation easier.

For dog parents who are looking for a way to help their companions with anxiety and stress, supplements offer a supportive first step to an effective solution.

Calm+: The Best Anxiety Supplements for Dogs

Just like when searching for human supplements, pet owners also want to ensure that their dogs receive premium quality medication. With Get Joy’s Calm+, owners can rest easy knowing they’ve selected the best anxiety supplements for dogs. Here’s why.

  • All-Natural Ingredients: When looking at the ingredients for our anxiety supplements, dog owners will notice naturally calming ingredients like valerian root, chamomile, and vitamin B6.
  • Scientifically Formulated: Made by real animal nutritionists, our formula is scientifically proven to be effective and healthy. Our supplements are also crafted to optimize stress relief as well as other health benefits.
  • Made for Every Dog with Any Condition: Anxiety can exist in every dog, regardless of conditions. That’s why Calm+ is truly made with every dog in mind, no matter their conditions.
  • Offers Additional Health Benefits: With ingredients like ginger root and passion flower, Calm+ also supports gut health and cognitive function.

With a plethora of benefits, Calm+ offers the support that dog owners are looking for when it comes to their canines’ stress management.

Elevate Canine Health & Wellness with Get Joy

Whether it’s supplements or nutritious meals and treats, dog owners can trust that their companions are receiving premium quality products with Get Joy. Learn more about how you can elevate and support canine health and wellness with us today!

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