Get Joy x Vail

Fueling the furriest heroes of all.

About the Partnership

Vail Avalanche Rescue team is responsible for all search and rescue operations on Vail Mountain. Wearing the cross means hard work, team work, attention to detail and leading by example.

The rescue dogs, Fred, Moxie, Jake & Mookie, are highly trained for their speed, on-snow agility and incredible sense of smell to locate buried avalanche victims faster than any other known alternative. Get Joy has teamed up with this rescue team because we recognize these dogs need the freshest and highest quality food to fuel their very active lifestyle and be able to save lives.

Meet the Rescue Team

John & Moxie

Moxie is a 45 pound, 9 month old Golden Retriever. He loves to chase snowballs and ski patrollers at work, and wrestle with his “sibling” Charlie at home. His favorite Get Joy goodie is the FRESH FREEZE DRIED® Meal.

Forbes & Fred

Fred is a 3 year old, 78lb Laborador Retriever. At work, he loves to run in front of skiers & snowmobiles. Outside of work, frisbee is his favorite pastime– that and chowing down on his Freeze Dried Beef Kidney Treats!

Matt & Jake

Jake is a 6 year old, 70 lb Yellow Labarador Retriever. On the mountain, he loves performing avalanche rescue drills. Off-mountain, he enjoys hiking & fishing with his handler Matt– and he can't get enough of his Freeze Dried Beef Liver Treats!

Get Joy Fresh Freeze Dried Meals & Treats


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Freeze Dried Treats:

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