Why Fresh Meals

Why Get Joy

Our focus is on the most important & controllable pillar– nutrition. A commitment born out of a passion to make a difference in our dogs’ lives.

Reason 1:

Choose from four flavors, or mix & match

Reason 2:

Designed by Vet nutritionists and animal wellness experts

Reason 3:

Gently cooked with USDA, USA sourced food in our kitchen in Norwalk, CT

Reason 4:

Delivered on demand, right to your door

Reason 5:

Free TeleVet services to all subscribers

Reason 6:

Never any preservatives

Reason 7:

Includes lean proteins and veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, & carrots

Reason 8:

Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, plus Omega 3, flax seed and turmeric for true anti-inflammatory support

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Gut Focussed

Good nutrition starts in the gut. Passionate about the poop


Made with all the best ingredients.

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Every Fresh Meal Plan includes enough food for 2 meals per day for 7 days.
50 lbs
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Fresh, wholesome foods, gently cooked here in the USA. Your dog will have more energy, a shinier coat, healthier gut and be set up for optimal health. 

Vet Nutritionist designed & formulated

Free from artificial preservatives & fillers 

Lean proteins, powerful vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots, packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants. Omega 3 rich flaxseed and other anti-inflammatory properties

Meals or Mix-ins...its simply 'Good Food for Dogs!' 


Don't take our word for it


“I gave it a try and Chloe is absolutely obsessed! I’ve also noticed her skin, coat and overall mood has improved as I worked it into her diet. I am so thankful we found Get Joy!”

Allie & Chloe

Australian Cattle Dog Mix • 5 Years Old


"We never have to worry that she is eating too many calories, and feel great knowing her meals are full of nutrients that support her special needs. Plus - she thinks it's delicious!"

Lindsey & Bulldog

English Bulldog • 4 Years Old


“I never knew what it meant to feed our dog Max good food until he started eating Get Joy Turkey Recipe. The days of kibble sitting in his bowl are over! Thank you for bringing fresh food to Max’s life!”

Kathryn & Max

“My pup Faith Loves Get Joy's food... many feel it is too expensive but it's not if you want your dog to live a longer, happier and healthy life... Highly Recommend.”

Doreen & Faith

“I began mixing in some of the Get Joy fresh turkey meals. Finally a hit. So simple to use - cut open and feed as a meal. It honestly is the first dog food that looks like "real" food. Happiness all around!”


Labrador Retriever • 2 Years Old