Could there be any initial reactions when introducing Fresh?

Feeding and Transition

While most dogs adapt easily, any improvements in your dog’s diet can initially affect their digestive system. Temporary issues like runny stools or vomiting can happen right when you change, but are not cause for concern. Remember, transitioning can take 7-14 days. For more tips and information, check out our transition page, especially if you have a picky eater!

All the instructions for transitioning your pup to Get Joy meals can be found in the Welcome Kit included in your first box. To ensure a smooth transition, we recommend mixing Get Joy meals with your dog’s current food, gradually increasing the amount of Get Joy meals until your dog is eating 100% Get Joy. For the first few days, Get Joy should make up ¼ of each meal. If your dog experiences minor tummy troubles or is not adjusting, extend that transition stage for an extra day or two.

Even if you received Fresh Freeze Dried meals, we recommend following the same transition guidelines.

For additional support and helpful tips for a successful transition, feel free to email us at, and one of our customer cares agent will be happy to assist you. You can also use our 24/7 Televet service anytime with questions or concerns!