Benefits of Having a Dog for the Mind AND Body

Benefits of Having a Dog for the Mind AND Body

It’s no secret that our dogs have transformed our lives for the better. Any dog owner can tell you this. But, now there’s real research to back that up.

The benefits of having a dog don’t just end at the moments of joy, love, and gratitude for your sweet pup. Dogs encourage feelings of happiness and well-being, lower stress levels, and may even improve our heart health.

Whether you’re reveling in the love between you and your dog or thinking about adopting one, positive changes await. Let’s break down the reasons why your dog is great for both your mind and body.

Adopt a Dog and Change Your Life

When you adopt a dog, you’re choosing a life-long companion who will be by your side no matter what. 

Research shows that 95% of pet parents rely on their pets for stress relief. Not only this, but simply spending time with your pup releases serotonin, the feel-good hormone that slows your heart rate. Dogs promote a number of positive health benefits, including:

Reduced Feelings of Stress

That moment when you first come home and are greeted by your pup is like no other. Sitting with them, petting their fur, and feeling their excitement may significantly reduce stress. Diminishing the stressors in your life will lead to a calmer mind, body, and spirit.

Increased Exercise and Outdoor Time

Dogs require a lot of physical and mental stimulation. When you adopt a dog, you’re agreeing to spend as much time as possible walking, running, and playing with them. Daily walks have been shown to aid in weight loss, increase energy levels, and improve your quality of sleep. Walking and exercising with your dog will transform your physical and mental health.

A Sense of Belonging

Caring for your furry friend offers a sense of purpose like no other. There’s a sense of belonging to something greater than you when you commit to a new pup. 

Our dogs make us feel special, loved, and cared for. Owning a dog is a chance to step outside of yourself and choose a greater role. You’ll never feel alone with your loyal companion by your side.

Choose Dog Adoption for Your Health

Dog adoption is a powerful route to take for humans and dogs alike. Take a chance for the betterment of your health and adopt a new friend this year. 

Get Joy is dedicated to the wellness of dogs and their human friends. Make sure you stock up on healthy meals, treats, and snacks before your adoption journey! We’re your all-in-one resource devoted to the betterment of dogs and people everywhere.  

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