Dog Halloween Costume Ideas that are Sure to Please

Dog Halloween Costume Ideas that are Sure to Please

With the Halloween season finally upon us, the only thing better than planning your costume is planning your dog’s. A dog dressed in a paws-itively perfect pumpkin costume? No question. Matching Dorothy and Scarecrow costumes? You bet. Seeing your favorite doggo dressed like a Minion? Absolutely. And these are just a few ideas to choose from!

Whether you prefer a store-bought costume or like to make your own, there are all sorts of different types of costumes to choose from. Here are a few costume ideas to fit dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Best Large Dog Costumes

Obviously, our big dog friends are the perfect candidates for certain dog Halloween costumes. Whether they are labs, shepherds, or even great Danes, they are sure to look fabulous in these costume ideas.


A golden retriever wears a hood that makes him look like a lion

Satisfy your dog’s occasionally wild inner beast with this lion's mane from Amazon


A bigger dog is dressed as a green alligator

Meanwhile, find an alligator costume for your pooch Here

Buzz Lightyear 

A Doberman is dressed as Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story

Or otherwise, let your dog go to Infinity and Beyond in this amazing costume


Best Small Dog Costumes

Overall, small dog costumes are almost unfairly cute. Their happy little faces tend to add a touch of hilarity to each ensemble.

Delivery Man

A yellow dog is dressed as a UPS delivery man

Surely deliver the cuteness with this costume from Amazon.


A small black and white dog wears a Halloween costume of a panda

Get this cute and fluffy costume straightaway Here.


Star Wars Ewok

A fluffy, small dog dressed in an Ewok costume from Star Wars

Make a great pup culture reference with this adorable dog costume

Best Costume for Owner and Dog

Get creative this year and coordinate costumes with your favorite furry friend. 

The Dynamic Duo

A man and his dog dressed as Batman and Robin

Your pup is already your best sidekick, why not be Batman and Robin for the night?

Dorthy and Toto

A woman is dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, while her dog is dressed as Toto's basket

Blow people away with this adorable duo.  Find Dorothy costumes here.


A man dressed as Ash Ketchum from Pokemon, while his dog is dressed as Pikachu right next to him.

Catch all the cuteness with this Ash and Pikachu pairing. 


Best Costume for Couple and Dog

Have everyone join in on the coordinated fun with these couple and dog costumes!

Skeleton Party

A couple is dressed in a pair of skeleton onesies with their dog, also dressed in a skeleton sweater.

Rattle around town together in these spooky costumes. Find the dog costume here, and the couple costume here

The FIintstones

A husband and wife dressed as Fred and Wilma Flintstone, and their dog as their pet dinosaur.

Rock the night in these stone age costumes of Fred, Wilma, and a dinosaur


Look chillingly amazing as the ensemble from Disney’s Frozen. Find Anna and Kristoff costumes here and easily DIY a Sven costume for your dog. 

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