A dog lays on a beach chair, on the sand under a tent with a big blue sky in the background, demonstrating a successful dog travel checklist.

Dog Travel Checklist: Items to Pack for Your Next Vacay

When you’re well-prepared, dog travel can be a lot of fun. Before you hit the road, ensure you have all the necessary gear and supplies for your furry companion. From a dog travel crate to their personalized travel bag, you’re bound to have a successful trip. 

Here's a travel checklist of items to pack for your next adventure!

Dog Travel Checklist: A Dog Travel Crate and More

Ensure all your pet’s needs are met when you go on vacation. From a dog travel crate to simple food and water, here’s a checklist to follow while you prepare for your next adventure.

Food and Water 

Think about the duration of your trip when you start packing your dog's food and water. When traveling, try to keep their regular food the same. Be sure to keep your dog’s routine to avoid any digestive issues. 

Leash and Collar 

Choose a sturdy leash and collar to bring on your trip. A collar tag is another vital accessory since it details essential information about your pup. 


Vacation is about fun, play, and relaxation. So bring your dog's favorite toys and chews to keep them busy or playing, even when you take a nap.

Bedding, a Dog Travel Crate, and Toiletries

If your dog is used to sleeping in a crate or bed, bring these items to make them feel more at ease. Also, bring a blanket or towel for your dog to lie on. That way, your dog can be comfortable wherever you go.

Moreover, a good-smelling shampoo can be helpful if you spend a lot of time outside. Bring towels to dry your dog after a shower or some fun in the sun. Lastly, consider bringing a brush or comb to groom your dog throughout the trip lightly. This is especially helpful if they’re prone to getting things stuck in their fur. 

Pro tip: travel with a pet first aid kit!

Important Documents and Vaccinations 

Consider where you and your dog will be traveling. What are the government guidelines and requirements? If you’re traveling by plane, are there any airport regulations to be aware of? Be sure to check which vaccinations are needed and bring proof of all the current vaccinations your dog has. 

Moreover, bring their pet license. If you're in doubt about anything, contact your vet for advice.

Extra Packing List Items

Some more items you can bring with you include the following:

  • A flashlight for walks in the dark
  • A recent picture of your dog in case you get separated
  • A life jacket if there will be any boating involved
  • Research any veterinary clinics in the area where you are traveling

Check-In With Your Dog’s Well-Being!

Make sure that your dog is healthy and fit. You don't want the trip to make your dog weak, sick, or stressed. Do what's best for your dog, and check with your vet for any dog travel advice.

While packing and planning your trip, think about anything that makes your dog feel most comfortable, safe, and stress-free. And don't forget to have a dog break every two to three hours. We at Get Joy wish you great joy on your next dog travels. For more info, you can browse our website.