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Dog Wellness Tips: Get Fit with Get Joy

Humans are not the only creatures that need regular exercise. A dog’s physical and mental health relies on regular activity and interaction. While trying to meet your own exercise goals, why don’t you incorporate your dog? Your dog needs the movement and the stimulation, and you need the motivation to get moving. Here are a few wellness tips that will benefit both you and your dog. 

Wellness Tips #1: Get Fit Through Walking

One of the best ways to start you and your dog on a better path to wellness is through walking. For humans, it’s recommended to do 150 minutes of walking a week. However, for dogs, that is a very simple goal they can meet with ease. The American Kennel Program has fit dog walking groups you can join to turn walking into a social event for you and your dog. 

Walking improves muscle strength, circulation, memory, and sleep patterns. Dogs and people both tend to experience less depression when they walk regularly. Once you have built up a little stamina through walking, you can start branching out to new, more challenging activities. Things like trail running, boot camp training, and obstacle courses exhaust you physically while stimulating your dog mentally. The challenges make their brains work, tiring them out and helping your dog rest better. 

Discover Health and Wellness Through Doga

Yes, Doga. It’s a great way to slow down and bond with your dog as you take care of your body. Incorporate your pet into the classic poses or take time just enjoying their presence as you wind down. Generally, classes include a lot of eye contact with your dog which can be very comforting to them. 

Pet Wellness Care with Get Joy

At Get Joy, we want to make a difference in the lives of both you and your pets. We are dedicated to educating pet owners about proper nutrition for dogs and the best ways to keep them healthy and thriving. Get more great wellness care advice from Get Joy on our website. 

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