Dogs Help Us Build Healthy Habits

Dogs Help Us Build Healthy Habits

The bond between humans and dogs are powerful. And the positive correlation between dogs and mental health is undeniable. Luckily, our pets can actually help us develop healthy habits.

Dogs need to be taken care of every day. As a result, they help us build healthy habits and routines.

Healthy Habits for Dogs

Physical activity:

Generally, dogs need a minimum of 30 minutes of activity per day. Conveniently, so do humans. You can rely on your furry friend to hold you accountable and both receive the health benefits of exercise.

Time in Nature:

Spending time outdoors lowers your blood pressure, reduces stress and is a mood booster. Going for a hike with your dog gets you both outside and as a result, you both experience the many mental health benefits of being outdoors.

Getting up in the morning:

Dogs need to be fed on a regular schedule just like you do. This means, dog owners need to get up and take care of them – no matter what mood you're in. They give you a reason to get up and start your day.

Pet care supports self-care:

Need a little inspiration? Look no further than your four-legged friend. They teach you to live in the moment, enjoy the little things and lounge like nobody’s watching!