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Exercise and Joint Health: 4 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Active and Agile

Whether your dog is aging or still in his puppy phase, exercise is critical for mental and physical stimulation, weight management, and general health.

From a young age, supplements and exercise should be consistent parts of any dog’s routine for a healthy, long life. For older dogs, exercise can be a core treatment for conditions like arthritis and hip dysplasia, making it critical to keep your adult dog busy and active.

Let’s explore how you can utilize supplements and exercise to keep your dog agile and active throughout their life.

Dog Joint Supplements Recommendations

Low-impact exercises, like walking, swimming, and playing, are great ways to keep your dog active at any age. Sometimes, pet owners need to get a little creative.

If you have an older dog, hip dysplasia, arthritis, and other orthopedic issues are common. Joint supplements can rebuild the cartilage, reduce inflammation, and generally ease pain.

Are you looking for the best hip and joint supplement for dog health conditions? Joy’s new joint supplement, Joint+, is designed to help you take a more holistic and preventative approach to your dog’s wellness through targeted joint support.

Joint+ is a powerful supplement with ingredients optimized for impact, like anti-inflammatory green-lipped mussels, glucosamine HCI for cartilage repair and production, and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) for overall bone and joint support. 

This superior formula guarantees your dog can continue to live longer and happier thanks to a daily supplement chew that keeps them strong from the inside out. 

Pairing Exercise with Joint Supplements for Dogs

Exercise increases muscle strength, stability, and flexibility in the joints and muscles no matter the age of your loyal companion. When paired with an effective joint supplement like Joint+, aging will be a breeze for your dog.

Here are some simple ways to ensure your dog stays active and agile as he ages.

Keep Exercise New & Exciting

If you notice your dog getting disinterested or antsy on walks, it may be time to try a new avenue or method of exercise. Try creating an obstacle course in your home or yard using sofa cushions, balls, and hula hoops. Get creative and keep things interesting!

Buy the Right Toys

As your dog ages, their interest in toys and chews may change as they do. Invest in balls and toys that hold their interest and always get them out the door, wanting to play fetch. 

When you’re gone or need your dog distracted, toys that dispense food, like the Kong Wobbler, are highly effective and mentally stimulating.  

Bust Out the Bubbles

Bubbles are a universally adored product — kids, adults, and dogs of all ages can unite to enjoy pet-safe bubbles! Head outside on a spring day and get the bubble machine going. Watch your pup run and jump, try to bite, and attempt to eat the bubbles out of the air. Not only is it great exercise, but it’s hilarious to witness.

Prioritize Socialization

Some dog owners may think socialization stops after the puppy phase, but older dogs can benefit from socialization just as much as pups do! Try new dog parks in your area so they can interact with other animals and people. Socialization helps keep dogs healthy, confident, and thriving, so be sure to keep your playdates going as your dog ages.

Prioritize Your Dog’s Comfort and Wellness with Get Joy

Supplements and consistent exercise are vital to your dog’s joint health at any age. Paired with a fresh meal plan, your dog will be energized, healthy, and ready for anything. Looking for support or resources about joint health for your dog? Learn more about Joint+ and feel confident about your care for your loyal companion.

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