A group of people practice yoga outside by palm trees with a group of dogs.

February Focus: Finding Moments of Mindfulness with Your Dog

Mindfulness continues to gain momentum as a way to center ourselves, live in the moment, and appreciate everything around us. Practicing mindfulness takes effort and focus, but studies show it can lower stress and improve our overall health and happiness.

This leads us to believe that as we incorporate mindfulness into our daily routine, our dogs can play a pivotal role in this practice. Let’s find out how in this post.  

Finding and Creating Mindful Moments 

For humans, the benefits of having a dog are rampant. From a boost in happiness and well-being to lower stress levels and improved heart health, dogs are valuable members of every family. 

As we discussed, mindfulness has many of the same benefits, so it only makes sense to practice mindfulness with your dog. You may be surprised that you can learn something from your pup about living in the moment. Here are a few ways to explore mindfulness with your dog this month.

Remove Distractions

Mindfulness is all about living in the moment, and you can’t adequately do that if you’re scrolling your phone, trying to wrap up work items, or focusing on other tasks. Remove all the distractions from your day to spend precious one-on-one time with your canine companion. 

Pay attention to how they express their emotions, whether they’re excited, playful, or curious. Take note of how they let their instincts lead when they explore and play and try to follow suit.

Exercise Together

Hopefully, you already have a consistent exercise routine in place with your dog, with at least one walk per day. Think back on recent walks with your dog and ask yourself, “What was my headspace like during the walk?” 

Were you engaged with your pet, watching them explore the trail or path, or were you lost in thought about work, school, and your never-ending To-Do list? 

The more effectively you focus on being present in the moment, the more you can enjoy each one of them. Dogs are the best example of this practice! The next walk you go on with your pup, take a moment to pause, take a few deep breaths, and take in your surroundings. 

Take note of the beautiful scenery and how the air feels on your skin, and let the day's stresses fade into the background.

Just Relax

Dogs are masters of relaxation — while you work from home or rush about your day, they are infamous for soaking up the sun and taking it easy. 

Set aside ten to 20 minutes each day to relax with your pet, whether you join them in their pet bed, engage in some doga (dog yoga), or snuggle up on the couch together. Relaxing together fuels a bond between pet and owner that can’t be broken. 

Mindfulness for Dogs: Watch & Learn

Yes, dog mindfulness is a real thing. If you’ve ever admired your dog’s carefree temperament or felt genuinely envious of how casually they can fall asleep on the floor, it’s their active mindfulness that you’re observing.

Spending time with your dog daily allows you to pick up tricks for practicing mindfulness. Being fully occupied by your pet’s wants and needs distracts you from daily stressors and what you “should be doing.” By paying attention to your dog, you’re more aware of what’s happening around you and become more present.  

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