An image of a puppy in a man's backpack is depicted while they're on a hike, celebrating Dog Dad's Day.

Five Ways to Celebrate Dog Dad’s Day With Your Dog

The first week of June is all about PAW, or Pet Appreciation Week. But I bet you didn’t know that June 17th is Dog Dad’s Day! This day is meant to honor all the fantastic dog dad’s out there. And what better way to make the dog dad in your life feel loved, cared for, and appreciated than by celebrating them? 

With this in mind, why not celebrate being a dog dad by incorporating quality time with your pet? Prioritizing your dog’s happiness and well-being is paramount for their long-term physical and mental health. Plus, it’s sure to make you smile! Happy pup, happy life! 

Here are some tips for celebrating Dog Dad’s Day with your furry family member. 

Celebrate Dog Dad Father’s Day

Since June 17th is the honorary Dog Dad Father’s Day, we want to make sure you have some tips and tricks for an enjoyable celebration. The best way to celebrate is by giving your furry companion some love and attention! After all, it’s a great reminder of why you became a dog dad in the first place.

With that in mind, here are some tips for having a wonderful dog dad Father’s Day with your pooch.

1. Teach Your Dog Cool Tricks

YouTube and social media are loaded with funny and fantastic pet trick videos. Get inspired and give some a try! To get more personalized support, consider enrolling in dog training classes. These classes will help your dog learn new skills and make you a confident owner. And who doesn’t want to be a confident dog dad?

2. Surprise Your Dog 

Everyone likes to receive gifts, including your dog. Though it’s technically your day, why not make your four-legged friend feel special? Consider buying them a new toy. Or, bring your dog to a pet store and let them choose on their own! There is such a diversity of pet toys on the market, so try something new and have some fun.

3. Make a Dog-Friendly Cake

Nothing tastes better than a homemade meal cooked with love. Since you know your dog's favorite treats, consider getting creative in the kitchen. Check out pet recipes online for more inspiration, and try something new to stimulate your dog's taste buds. Don’t forget to make yourself a sweet treat, too! 

4. Set Up a Dog Playdate

Set up a playdate with your friends' dogs or go to the park where your dog can roam free and be social with their mates. Even a walk with other dog parents can be a wholesome date for the dogs. 

This is a great way to get out of the house and connect with other dog dad’s in your area!

5. Water Fun for Everyone

In these early summer days, you and your dog might be getting used to the warm weather. Some refreshing water fun can be an ideal activity if Dog Dad’s Day is going to be a hot one.

A swim in the ocean, a dive into a lake, or splashing in a cool pond – the options are endless for you and your loyal companion! If they’re hesitant, opt for a plastic kiddie pool to start. Even better, try a sprinkler in the garden! 

Some water fun at home may be just what your pup needs for a fun time!

Dog Dad’s Day, Dog Appreciation Day

Dog Dad’s Day is so special it may as well be considered dog appreciation day! And if you want to discover something new to do for the big day, try researching “dog friendly activities near me.” Who knows where it will bring you? 

Many places focus on including dogs in leisurely activities. But, if your suburb or city still needs to organize something, it might be you who can make the first move to set something up for this special day. You could even reach out to your local government to ask for some assistance!

Love, Play, and Be Present 

At the end of the day, all our pups want to have some extra love and attention from us. With added love, play, and presence, celebrating Dog Dad’s Day will be a breeze. 

Get Joy wishes you a fantastic celebration with your furry loved one. If you're celebrating a dog dad out there, consider getting him some gear. And while you're at it, get your pup a healthy snack from our treat selection for an extra lovely day!