A dog looks excitedly at new fresh freeze dried dog food.

Fresh Freeze Dried Dog Food will Now be Coming in Chicken Flavor

At Get Joy, we offer a wide variety of nutrition and health services. But our Fresh Freeze Dried dog food is what makes us stand out. If you’re a fan of our freeze dried meals, you’ll be happy to know that we’re adding a new recipe to the chopping block.

Our Fresh Freeze Dried dog food will now be available in chicken flavor. Here’s how our new chicken meal is shaking up the game.

Why Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Is Best

As nutrition experts, we don’t believe in processed, unhealthy options for dogs. In fact, our food is anything but ordinary. Our meals provide a cutting-edge approach to canine health. That is why we pride ourselves on our freeze dried raw dog food. 

The main difference between freeze dried food and generic kibble is nutrient preservation. When you freeze dry food, you actually protect ingredients and nutrients, unlike the Kibble hot extrusion process, which decreases these properties. Get Joy’s Fresh Freeze Dried retains 97% of the nutrients from the fresh ingredients.  

In addition, our food undergoes a proprietary gelatinization process to increase digestibility for your dog. Gelatinization carefully breaks down the starches in each ingredient, making your dog’s digestion and nutrient absorption a breeze. These are among the myriad reasons fresh freeze dried dog food is best.  

The Best Freeze Dried Dog Food: Now Available in Chicken Flavor

If you’re searching the market for the best freeze dried dog food, Get Joy has just what you’re looking for. Our new fresh freeze dried chicken recipe includes lean, healthy, protein-packed chicken made in the USA and formulated by a Ph.D. animal nutritionist. 

Our fresh freeze dried chicken is also formulated to meet the recommended nutrition levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles. This makes our new recipe adequate for dogs at any life stage or any size, including dogs over 70 pounds in adulthood.

And, our chicken recipe includes 100% USDA-sourced ground chicken, as well as 100% USDA chicken liver, to give your dog the best chicken possible. We even use Kamut, a premium ancient grain, and pre, pro, and post-biotics for optimal gut health.

Because this recipe utilizes chicken rich in Iron, Zinc, and vitamins E & C, your dog will receive both optimized immunity and blood health. And with the biotics, your pup will develop a proper microbiome full of good and bad bacteria to balance their health. 

Our new fresh freeze dried chicken recipe is available now!

How to Transition to Fresh Freeze Dried Food

Making a change in your dog’s diet adds proven value to their quality of life and overall well-being. When it comes to switching your dog’s food, the process can be seamless.

Here’s a helpful breakdown on how to gradually switch to fresh freeze dried food.

Days 1-2: Feed your dog 25% fresh freeze dried and 75% of their original food

Days 3-4: Feed your dog 50% fresh freeze dried and 50% of their original food

Days 5-6: Feed your dog 75% fresh freeze dried and 25% of their original food

Days 7+: Begin feeding your dog 100% Get Joy Fresh Freeze Dried Meals

At Get Joy, we want to make healthy choices easy for you and your dog. With this gradual transition, your dog can slowly integrate our fresh meals into their routine and begin reaping the benefits of natural nutrient-dense food. 

Canine nutrition has never been easier.

Get Joy Nutrition

Your dog deserves the best, and sometimes that means adding variety to their diet with a new flavor or simply gifting them a nutritious treat. Thankfully, Get Joy has all the nutrient-dense foods your dog needs. 

Ready to give Get Joy a try? Take a look at our Fresh Meal Plan today to get started!