Get Joy Celebrates Dog Week

Get Joy Celebrates Dog Week

National Dog Day is just around the corner. Let's celebrate!

One Day’s Not Enough 

As a matter of fact, Thursday is National Dog Day -- a time to pay extra special attention to those sources of infinite smiles. But we were never going to be able to limit ourselves to 24 hours. 

Therefore, all this week, we’ll be highlighting the Six Types of Joy, what it means to be a dog parent, and running contests. Follow us on social media and enter to win!    

The Types of Joy 

Obviously, we named our company Get Joy for a reason. 

Monday: Senses

Whether it's following their noses or hearing, "Who's a good boy?" dogs help us stay sharp. 

Tuesday: Growth

Indeed, few things are as inspiring as a dog’s resiliency. Their ability to meet adversity head on and overcome challenges make us want to be our best selves, too.

Wednesday: Awe

Even if it’s usually “Aww,” we always feel a sense of wonder with our dogs by our sides. 

Thursday: Relationship 

There’s nothing quite like the bond between dogs and humans. That’s why we do what we do. 

Friday: Play

Well, except for maybe the joy you get from belly rubs, zoomies, and endless games of fetch. 

Saturday: Being Yourself

Dogs may run in packs, but there are no truer individuals. 

Sunday: Pure Joy 

We’re called Get Joy for a reason. We’ll recap the week and select a grand prize winner! 

Feel Joy, Win Prizes

Each day, we’re going to award prizes for the entry that best demonstrates the day’s type of joy. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram to be entered to win. 

Rules and Regulations 

How to enter:
📸  DM us your picture
👍  Like our posts
🐶  Follow us 
👫 Tag a friend

No purchase necessary. Contest not associated with people/animals in photos. Must be 18 to participate. For full rules, email