The First Metaverse Dog Park

The First Metaverse Dog Park

Get Joy Dog Zone is A New Age of Hybrid Virtual & IRL Pet Destination

Get Joy + Co. leads pet ownership evolution & advocacy to establish dog parks with first dedicated dog recreational space in the metaverse. 

The 3 P’s of Dog Joy - People, Plates, & Places

Time with their people, quality nutrition on their plates, and access to a safe place to run and play. Those are the three top drivers of joy for dogs. At Get Joy we’re doing everything we can to provide fresh and freeze-dried meals for optimal gut health. We create sustainable and humane chews, treats and toppers. We also want folks to educate themselves regarding their dogs' wellness needs. Next up - we’re tackling the issue of wellness space for dogs - in future, online communities and in real life.

This year, Get Joy has committed to launching an initiative to reexamine the evolving dog population in the U.S. and work with local communities to ensure there are appropriate facilities in place that will allow dogs to get the exercise and socialization they need to be healthy and happy.  As we begin these efforts offline, there is also a growing community of dogs and dog owners online that deserves attention.

The changing face of the dog community - Dog lovers in the metaverse

A new world is unfolding right in front of us - The Metaverse. It’s a network of 3D virtual worlds experienced through augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and video. It’s a step towards the digitalization of the real world via virtual spaces that allow users to connect through digital avatars. As people spend more time in the metaverse we want their dog’s health to stay top of mind, so we decided to build a dedicated space for dogs and their owners to spend time together online while educating and inspiring them to do more together IRL. Introducing the first “dog park” of the metaverse- The Get Joy Dog Zone.

Building the ultimate dog wellness zone, the ultimate Dog Parks

We’re building a dog zone in the metaverse as a beta. We plan to work with communities to do in the future, IRL. We know that in order to thrive and live their healthiest lives. Dogs need activities for mental stimulation, exercise, areas to spend time with their loving families, etc. Ideally, we want to create a blueprint for ideal wellness spaces for dogs in the metaverse, on and offline. Eventually, we want to bridge the connection between online and offline to life in creative ways. 

Dog Parks - The Good, The Bad, and The Digital

We want to see more real-life spaces built to service the massive community of real life dog owners. While dog parks are places to play and socialize, they can also be problematic. Noise, unsanitary conditions and behavioral issues can all detract from the appeal of a dog park. But when designed correctly, they can be heaven on earth for a dog. Dedicated dog recreational spaces can be beautiful and functional. Just check out the plans for Hermann Park’s unbelievable new dedicated dog space in Houston, TX. Check out any of these great parks, too. As Get Joy wants to raise awareness of the need for intentional and well-designed dog spaces. Meanwhile, we’ll test concepts, research needs, and learn in the metaverse. 

How Can We Use the Metaverse for Our Pets

“We are turning to the metaverse to dramatize the fact that in most real-life communities, there is an imbalance between the size of the dog population and the existence and quality of recreational spaces requisite for them to thrive. Our Get Joy Dog Zone will be designed to tell stories, facilitate interactions between dog owners or future dog owners, and create fun, brand engagement opportunities,” says Get Joy founder and CEO, Tom Arrix. “We believe dogs need equitable recreational space to call their own - whether that is in future, growing communities like the metaverse or communities in real life.”

“Our customers, present and future, are always top-of-mind. The metaverse is full of future and current dog-owners and we want dog wellness to be front and center with that audience. Our hope is that the Get Joy Dog Park will be a constant reminder to get your dogs outside or include them in what you are doing,” says Arrix. 

Stay tuned for announcements as we explore the uncharted metaverse possibilities for our four-legged pals.