A hand comes down to pat a happy dog. Image demonstrates how happy everyone is with a responsible dog breeder.

How to Find a Responsible Dog Breeder

Getting a new puppy is an exciting experience and one you want to do all your research on. If you are looking for a specific breed and want a young puppy, it makes sense to look for a breeder. When you adopt your dog, it is absolutely essential that you find a responsible dog breeder. Puppy mills are not only inhumane, but rife with genetic illnesses. Down the road, this can lead to struggles and heartaches for your puppy. 

How to Find a Good Dog Breeder Near Me

There are a lot of good dog breeders around the country, unfortunately, there are a lot of puppy mills as well. It is important to know what the difference is, and how to tell reputable breeders apart from the bad. When searching for a good “dog breeder near me,” make sure to research thoroughly.

Puppy mills are mass breeding facilities. These places pump out dogs all year round without regard to the mother dog’s health. The mom doesn’t usually get a break between pregnancies, as soon as one litter is weaned, she is impregnated right away. 

Other signs of a puppy mill or unethical breeder include:

  • They don’t allow you to visit where the puppy was born and raised or meet the dog's parents. 
  • They won’t tell you the name of their vet and don’t have any vaccination records.
  • They have puppies of multiple breeds available at all times.
  • They sell through the local pet store, paper, or online to people they have never met
  • Puppies are sold before they reach eight weeks old. 

What Constitutes a Good Dog Breeder?

When considering a dog breeder, there are several factors you should look for before buying a dog. Make a checklist and go over it as you decide between breeders. Here’s what constitutes a good dog breeder.

  • Responsible breeders will meet you and ask you questions before agreeing to sell a dog. 
  • Responsible breeders should also encourage you to come to meet the litter and the breeding parents to see where the puppy was raised. 
  • Good breeders keep the dogs in clean, roomy, and comfortable areas. 
  • Good breeders specialize in only one or two types of dogs and give their breeding dogs a break in between litters. 
  • Reputable breeders will show you the vet records for the puppy and the parents.
  • Good breeders ask buyers to sign a contract. The contract is an agreement to bring the dog back if the buyer can no longer care for the dog. 

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