Two fluffy dogs sit on the floor and look up at the counter, which has two white dog bowls and a green bag of Get Joy fresh freeze dried food displayed.

Is the Human Wellness Movement Reshaping Pet Wellness?

The wellness movement for humans has grown exponentially in recent years. From hit trends like juicing and a boost in supplement intake to at-home gyms, saunas, and wearable devices, there are so many beneficial ways for people to take their health back into their own hands.

As humans make goals to get healthier in the new year, pet wellness is flourishing as well. Get Joy is at the forefront of promoting better lifestyle choices for our dogs in many ways, which we’ll explore in this post.

The Importance of Pet Wellness Care 

For both humans and animals, wellness is an overarching term that includes practices of self-care, stress management, relaxation, diet, exercise, and more. 

Pet wellness is designed to improve both the physical and mental well-being of your dog. Here are a few ways you can prioritize your pet’s wellness in 2024:

  • Routine checkups with your veterinarian
  • A balanced diet
  • Health monitoring 
  • Regular grooming 
  • Playtime and walks
  • A safe place to sleep and rest

Establishing and following a pet wellness care plan can help keep your pet healthy and thriving, catch any potential issues early on, and extend the quality of life for your dog.

Shaping Pet Wellness Plans for Your Dog

If you’re wondering, “Do wellness plans for dogs really exist?” The answer is a resounding yes! It’s imperative to work alongside a trusted veterinarian as you map out a wellness plan for your pet, but here are a few considerations you can make.


If your health goals include more exercise, include your dog in those plans! Dogs are wonderful walking and running companions, and daily exercise benefits both of you.

Try to get out daily for a 20 - 30 minute walk with your dog. It may seem like a lot at first, but after a few days, it’ll become part of your regular routine that you both look forward to. Plus, you both receive many benefits, such as heart health, reduced stress, stronger muscles and bones, and deepening your bond. 


A well-balanced diet is one of the most critical components in your pet’s health. Proper hydration and fresh, balanced meals made with quality ingredients will keep your dog healthy and happy throughout the year. 

Gone are the days when dog owners simply fed their pets kibble and didn't think twice about it — it’s time to add fresh, healthy meals to your dog’s menu! From improved gut health to better digestion, skin health, and energy levels, diet plays a pivotal role in your dog’s quality of life (for humans, too!). 


With Get Joy’s healthy, fresh meals, your dog will get the majority of the nutrients and minerals they need. However, some vets may recommend a dietary supplement for certain dogs to promote gut support, joint support, skin and coat health, calming aid, or any other physical need. Supplements are an effective way to ensure your dog gets the right amount of vitamins for optimal health if they need the extra support.

Speaking of supplements, we’ve got exciting news. Get Joy is launching our very own line of supplements in just a few short months! Stay tuned for more updates on our new venture to continue providing a holistic approach to wellness for your dogs.

Health Monitoring

Wearable devices and smartphone apps have made health monitoring and tracking easier than ever. You can track your diet, daily activity, health data, and more to improve daily habits and reach short and long-term goals. 

Looking for an easy way to monitor your dog’s health? Our Get Joy X Whistle collar is a smart collar for your dog’s total body wellness! 

From weight management monitoring to food intake, managing allergy symptoms, and location tracking, the Get Joy X Whistle Collar delivers insightful metrics and health data. Your Whistle data connects seamlessly to your Get Joy account so that you can keep track of your dog’s wellness in one simple place.

Take the Next Step in Pet Health with Get Joy

The new year is the perfect opportunity to change and improve your pet’s quality of life. From our brand new Whistle collar to our variety of fresh, nutritious meals, there are so many ways to embark on a health journey for your dog in 2024. Get started with Get Joy today!