Keeping Your Pets Safe on the Fourth of July

Keeping Your Pets Safe on the Fourth of July

Even though fireworks are an undeniable part of celebrating the Fourth of July, it’s important to remember that some of our furry friends might not agree. If you find your dog scared of fireworks, there's some things you can do to help!

Your pets have much more sensitive hearing than we humans do, and the flashing lights and vibration that often accompany them can be even more nerve-wracking. 

When a dog is anxious, they may start pacing, whining, running away, or even hiding around the house. Others might just appear sort of restless. 

Since we can’t really turn off all of the fireworks, the best thing we can do for our four-legged friends is give them lots of comfort and try to provide a welcome distraction until the show is over.

Here are some tips and tricks to try over the Fourth of July weekend!

Turn On a TV or Radio to Drown It Out

Obviously the ground shaking and the flashing lights might still tip them off that something is going on, but giving them something familiar to focus on could help their sensitive ears.

Stay By Your Buddy’s Side  

The best thing for your dog is to show them that you or someone is around to keep them safe. It’s best to leave them at home but not alone during firework shows. Get a friendly face to dog-sit them if you can!

Keep your dog on a leash when they’re outside using the bathroom, and bring them in as quickly as possible when they’re done. That way, your pal will know they can’t run away if they get scared. 

Dog Scared of Fireworks? Distract, Distract, Distract

Giving your dog something else to do or think about during fireworks helps calm them down! Play their favorite game with them, give them a special chew treat from Get Joy to snack on, or just settle in for a nice, old-fashioned cuddle. 

Giving your dog face-time with someone they love and trust! This goes a long way to making them feel safe and comfortable. Keep them away from fireworks shows, do what you can to distract them, and give lots of pets and snuggles!