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Lost Pet Prevention Month: What You Can Do To Keep Your Dog Safe

They say a dog is a man’s best friend. And for many dog lovers, the family pooch is always standing by to accompany them on life’s journey. Though sometimes, family pets slip out of sight. This is why July’s Lost Pet Prevention Month advocates for animal safety and pet protection. 

Safety protocols are crucial for pet lovers and can always be reiterated as a reminder to keep our pets safe and avoid separation. If you’re a pet owner who's looking to brush up on their safety skills, here’s what you need to know. 

What To Do If You Find A Lost Dog

If you come across a lost dog, there are several steps you can take to return them safely to their owner. Here are some quick tips. 

  • Call Animal Control or the Police: Authorities can put the word out to the community that a dog was found. Moreover, you can protect yourself if the dog is not friendly by enlisting the help of professionals. 
  • Check For Tag or ID: Check to see if the dog has an ID tag on their collar. The tag might have the owner's cell phone number so you can notify them that the dog is safe and ready to be picked up. 
  • Bring ID-less Dogs to the Shelter: If the dog you found doesn’t have a tag or collar, safely bring them to a shelter or contact an animal control officer. The shelter can see if they have a microchip and contact the owner. 
  • Spread the Word: Lastly, spread the word throughout your community. There’s a good chance the dog might live nearby, and the owner can locate them through word of mouth or flyers. 

How To Keep Your Dog Safe

For many owners, dog safety is like second nature. But there’s always a chance that your dog could escape and go missing, which is exactly why Lost Pet Prevention Month takes place. 

The goal is to inform owners of basic safety protocols to keep their pets safe and inside the home. Here are some tips to help protect your pet.

Keep Your Dog In Your Line of Sight

Keeping your dog close by is easy while at home, but this tip is extremely important when out and about. 

Unless your dog has extensive obedience training and you’re comfortable with them off-leash, keep your pet close by. This will keep them safe and under your protection. 

Use An ID Tag or Microchip

An ID tag can provide an easy way for community members to contact you in the event that your dog gets lost. You can also implant a microchip into your dog, which can be scanned by vets to reveal a unique identification number for your animal.

Prevent Escape At Home

Home may feel like the safest place for your dog. But sometimes curiosity gets the best of our pets, and they manage to break free. 

Take some time to walk through your home and identify spots that need to be secured or ‘dog-proofed.’ This way, you can ensure your dog is unable to make it out of the house.

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