A woman kneels next to her two dogs on a rooftop for National Puppy Day.

March 23 Is National Puppy Day!

Puppies are known for their infectious energy and unconditional love. Whether we realize it or not, puppies are celebrating and appreciating us each and every day! March 23rd is the 19th annual National Puppy Day. This holiday is meant to show our affection and appreciation for the little pups that we love.

What is National Puppy Day?

National Puppy Day was established in 2006. Colleen Paige first brought it into awareness in 2004, eventually leading to national recognition. For many, National Puppy Day gives us an opportunity to pamper our pups and make them feel special. While this is part of the purpose of the holiday, it isn’t the full story.

The bigger purpose of National Puppy Day is to raise awareness of the injustices done to puppies every day. While some dogs are purchased straight from loving breeders, many aren’t born into safe circumstances. Many puppies are bred in puppy mills in high volumes, often neglected by breeders. 

Ultimately, National Puppy helps to spread awareness about these inhumane conditions and encourages dog lovers to adopt.

How to Support Puppies for the Holiday

There are so many ways that puppies make our lives better. On National Puppy Day, take an active approach directly and socially for the pups you love. Here are some ways that you can support puppies on National Puppy Day.

  • Spread awareness about the purpose of National Puppy Day to your friends and family in person
  • Use #nationalpuppyday on social media with photos of your happy pup
  • Go on a hike or bike ride with your pup and let them enjoy the outdoors
  • Take them to a dog park to meet some other puppy friends!
  • Give them special treats for the day 
  • Throw a party with your puppy and some of his puppy friends at your home
  • Donate to the pet charity of your choice
  • Go to a pet store with your pup and get them a new toy
  • Volunteer at a local SPCA 

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