A man and his dog sit by the water and bask in the sun. Two green bags of Get Joy food are on the ground next to them.

March Fitness Challenge: Get Active with Your Dog!

Dogs remind us how important it is to stay physically active. When understimulated, these little balls of energy love to bounce off the walls, chew up our furniture, and so much more. However, much like us, when we get our energy out healthily, we feel great.

While starting a new exercise journey can be difficult, your pup has your back! Make a vow to get active with your dog by committing to a March fitness challenge today.

An Active Dog is a Happy Dog

Have you noticed how excited dogs get when you ask, “Do you want to go outside?” In fact, many of our dogs are conditioned by the time of day, suddenly wagging their tails and barking when it’s time for a walk.

While it’s easy to shorten walks with our pups in the colder months, March brings warmer weather. Thus, making it the perfect time to explore adventure opportunities with your active dog.

Fun and Exciting Dog Activities 

Dogs love to spend time with us no matter what. They’re eager to explore, run, discover new scents, and more. Here are some fun and exciting dog activities to keep you and your pup physically active.

Go for a Hike

A hike is a perfect way to exercise, enjoy beautiful scenery, and bond with your dog. Dogs love exploring the natural world any chance they get. After all, they want to smell every tree, chase every squirrel, and meet every person on the trail. 

Making time and space to take your pup hiking is a great way to build an active connection with them.

Play Fetch

For those with a large backyard, playing fetch outside is an easy way to keep your dog active. However, not everyone has access to this so easily. Luckily, many dog parks and hiking trails will allow your pup to roam free and chase after balls. 

Giving dogs the chance to run full speed is a fantastic way to prime them for a well-deserved nap at the end of the day. 

Go Biking

Have you ever seen someone riding their bike on a trail with a dog prancing by their side? Biking with your dog is a great way to get energy flowing for you and your pup. It's also fun to bond, connect, and work together. It even helps to train them to stay close and by your side during walks.  

Support Your Happy and Healthy Dog with Get Joy

An active dog is a happy dog. That’s why it's so important to build healthy, holistic habits with them!

At Get Joy, our mission is to improve the lives of pets and their families through health and nutrition. Our fresh, clean, gut-focused food and treats are designed to optimize your dog’s health and wellness. At Get Joy, we understand the food we eat is our fuel. We’re focused on fueling your dog with the proper nutrition so they can live long, happy lives!

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