An Italian Greyhound sits proudly displaying their first place ribbon from a dog show.

National Dog Show: Must-See Breeds

Featuring a total of 212 different dog breeds, the Kennel Club of Philadelphia Dog Show is coming up quickly this year. During this national dog show, judges look at how closely a dog matches the perfect image described by the breed standard. The show gives dog lovers a chance to see their favorite breeds up close. Be sure to catch it on TV this Thanksgiving at noon in all time zones. 

This year, three new breeds are making their grand debut before the cameras at the Thanksgiving day national dog show

The Russian Toy

The Russian Toy is a small dog that was once beloved by the Russian aristocracy. They were almost extinct by the Russian Revolution but made a comeback many years later after the death of Josef Stalin. They are an affectionate, eager-to-please breed and are sure to be lively for the show. 

The Mudi

Just like the Russian Toy, the Mudi breed has only just been recognized by the American Kennel Club this year. These dogs were originally Hungarian farm dogs. They have curly coats and are agile, smart, and loyal companions. 

Bracco Italiano

Also known as an Italian pointer, the Bracco Italiano is believed to be one of the oldest European pointers. They were popular among the Italian aristocracy during the Medieval era but were facing extinction by the 19th century. The breed has since recovered and is valued for its adaptability and intelligence. 

National Dog Show 2021 Winner

The dog show has 7 different category winners and one best-in-show winner. The national dog show 2021 winner made history by being the first dog to win back-to-back years. Claire the Scottish Deerhound did what no other dog has done in 20 years of dog shows. It is worth keeping an eye out to see if she will return to defend her title at this year’s show. 

Categories for National Dog Show Winners

Besides Best in Show, there are several other dog categories with winners. There are seven different groups of dogs, the smallest of which has over 20 different breeds of dog in it. 

  • Herding Group: includes shepherds, border collies, sheepdogs, and more. 
  • Hound Group: greyhounds, bassets, beagles, and more
  • Non-sporting Group: dalmatian, Boston terrier, chow chow, and more.
  • Sporting Group: spaniels, setters, retrievers, and more. 
  • Toy Group: Russian toy, pug, pomeranian, and more.
  • Terrier Group: With a few exceptions, most terriers are in this group. 
  • Working Group: Alaskan Malamute, boxer, mastiff, and more. 

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