Nutrition is the Foundation

Nutrition is the Foundation

Our holistic vet advisor, Dr. Kendra Pope puts exceptional pet nutrition at the forefront of her practice. It’s the cornerstone to everything she thinks about. It seems so obvious that a good nutritional approach is the basis of all happiness, ours and our dog’s. As Dr. Pope says,

“A good diet is the foundation of good pet health...

What is the Suitable Diet for a Pet?

...Pets that eat a suitable diet and maintain a healthy weight will have an improved quality of life and increased overall health”. One of Dr. Pope’s characteristics I admire most is her approach, She is bold, combining her expertise in western medicine with her holistic approach, to find the best nutritional choices for pets (cats and dogs). I saw this approach first hand in 2018. This shift in nutrition made an enormous difference in my sick dog 3.5 years ago, and continues to make a major health impact with the thousands of dogs eating fresh foods today.

Inspire change

What Should Pet Nutrition Look Like?

Generally, every great pet nutrition plan is pinned by wholesome, fresh, USA/ethically sourced ingredients that provide a balanced and optimal nutritional impact. Eating for wellness is a lifestyle we choose and should consider more and more for our loved ones, our dogs. In fact, Dr. Pope taught me everything I know about a nutritional approach. Altogether, her teachings are sustainable, sensible and can fit into a household’s budget. 

We believe the best first step to feeding our dogs fresh foods is to simply start. Don’t overthink it.

If full meal transition isn’t possible then dabble with a mix-in approach. So just mix in wholesome ingredients to your current feeding regimen. A little less kibble per meal, replaced by the good stuff:). If you see results in coat quality, energy, great stools, transition more towards a fresh diet. The sooner, the better!

Our mission is to unleash wellness for dogs everywhere, ultimately inspiring change to how you feed your dog.

Of course, the fuel to drive our mission, we create great, industry leading nutritional products. We want to help your dog live her best, healthiest, and happiest life. That’s a gift they deserve from you. is always here to help answer any and all of your questions. 

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