A rescue holds a bag of Get Joy's delectable treats.

Recommended Dog Treats For National Feed a Rescue Pet Week

If giving love to your dog comes in the form of tasty treats, you’re not alone! And with National Feed a Rescue Pet Week quickly approaching, there’s no better time to stock up on the top dog treats available. 

If you’re looking for a reason to give back to dogs in need, this is it! This July, make National Feed a Rescue Pet Week a priority by donating delicious and nutritious treats to your local shelter. Here are some tasty treat tips to consider!

Why Healthy Dog Treats Make A Difference

While it’s great to give your furry friend delicious treats throughout the week, remember that healthy dog treats are best. When it comes to your pet, they should only be getting treats that aid wellness with healthy nutrients. In fact, you should avoid giving your dog human foods and processed ingredients altogether. 

Instead, find treats that reward your dog with delicious flavors that support their health via vital nutrients. Treats low in fat, filled with natural fibers, and dense whole foods are the best at sustaining your dog's health and avoiding unwanted health conditions. 

The Best Dog Treats For National Feed a Rescue Pet Week

For those that don’t know, National Feed a Rescue Pet Week falls at the end of July. This is the perfect opportunity to spread love to pets without a home! And treats are one of the easiest items you can donate to the local shelter. Here are the best dog treats to donate for National Feed a Rescue Pet Week. 

Get Joy Beef Liver Treats

Providing your dog with nutrients that boost their health is key, which is why these Get Joy Beef Liver Treats are a perfect treat option to donate to local shelters. Liver is rich in iron, vitamin A, and B12. 

These nutrients support healthy blood and muscle function, eye health, and skin health, making liver treats a perfect healthy treat choice!

Get Joy Beef Heart Treats

Want to donate a treat that enhances canine endurance and energy? Then the Get Joy Beef Heart Treats are an excellent choice. Beef heart is a low-calorie, protein, and vitamin-rich snack your dog can enjoy on the fly. Give these tasty treats a try!

Get Joy Beef Kidney Treats

Kidney is another treat option you can donate that is extremely nutrient dense. The nutrients in the Get Joy Kidney Treats help to supply mucus and are also high in vitamins A, E, K, and B12. These nutrients will supplement your dog's health while also providing a tasty treat!

Get Joy Bully Sticks

Thankfully, treats aren’t the only thing you can donate this year. Get Joy has a wide variety of meals, treats, and chews to consider as well. In fact, the delicious Get Joy Bully Stick can be purchased in a single, 3, or 5-pack supply, making it a great option for donating. 

The bully stick is a non-processed chew made from beef muscle, providing excellent protein and endless chewing stimulation!

Get Joy: Delicious Nutrition

Providing your dog with healthy food is the gift that keeps on giving. In fact, with nutrient-dense foods, you promote a healthy diet for our pets while sustaining a long-lasting quality of life for them. Why not start today?

If you’re on the hunt for healthy meals for your dog, look no further. Get Joy is ready to support your pet by providing delicious meals with high-quality ingredients to match. To learn more, check out our Fresh Meal Plan to find the perfect food for your pet. Your dog's health matters just as much as yours!