A dog owner prepares his dogs meals, with Get Joy's dog food product range displayed on a white marble countertop.

Revamp Your Dog's Diet with Fresh Freeze Dried Food

Interested in incorporating freeze-dried food into your dog’s diet this year? Get Joy is here to help! 

There are many benefits associated with fresh freeze-dried food that make it an easy choice for dog owners to make the switch. If your dog is lacking in essential nutrients or you want to improve their overall health, switching to fresh freeze-dried food is a great choice.

Let’s explore how freeze-dried food can boost your dog’s health and wellness one meal at a time.

Benefits of Freeze Dried Dog Food

Ready to make the switch away from kibble? You aren’t alone! Many pet owners are searching for alternatives to dry kibble for their canines because of the many rich health benefits of freeze-dried dog food. 

Nutritious Value 

Freeze-drying requires minimal processing and preserves the quality of the ingredients, so your dog will still enjoy the benefits of eating a raw diet. Get Joy’s chicken or beef freeze-dried options are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals to ensure your dog gets everything he or she needs to thrive. 


The ingredients in freeze-dried dog food are the same as in fresh meals, the only difference being how the food is preserved. Our freeze-dried dog food is free of fillers, additives, and preservatives, which can harm dogs’ overall health. Our freeze-dried meals contain beef, chicken, vegetables, fish oil,  flaxseed, a blend of biotics, and other vitamins and minerals for a wholesome, balanced meal. 


Freeze-dried dog food is pantry friendly and ready to be enjoyed at any time! For this reason, many dog owners enjoy the convenience of freeze-dried food. 

If you travel often or have limited freezer space, freeze-dried food is perfect because you can store it in your pantry with ease. Freeze drying also extends the shelf life of the food, saving you time and money if you don’t use it right away. 


None of the above mentioned benefits matter if your dog won’t eat the food, right? The good news is that dogs love the taste of our fresh freeze-dried food! Plain kibble doesn’t offer any incredible flavor profiles, so upgrading to freeze dried dog food will blow your dog’s mind! 

Through the drying process, the savory flavors of chicken and beef are preserved, ensuring your dog enjoys a five-star meal every time. 

How to Introduce Freeze-Dry Dog Food

You may wonder how to add fresh freeze-dried food to your canine’s diet. It’s best to introduce a new type of food slowly to see how your dog reacts and if they have any reactions to it. You can mix it with their current diet to give their digestive system a chance to get used to the new ingredients. 

If their tummies are extra-sensitive, be sure to consult with your veterinarian before introducing any new foods. You can also add fresh water to the food to add moisture back in, making it easier to eat and digest. 

Keep an eye on your dog’s poop as you incorporate new foods. Any major changes in color or consistency can indicate that something isn’t right. 

Elevate Your Dog’s Diet with Get Joy 

At Get Joy, our dedicated team of dog lovers would love to help you incorporate freeze-dried food into your dog’s diet. Our freeze-dried food tests #1 in gut health and digestibility, making it an excellent choice to boost your dog’s energy, skin and coat, immunity, and more. 

Add healthy, wholesome ingredients to your dog’s diet today with our fresh freeze-dried meals!