A small white dog sits and leans to the left, sniffing a Calm+ supplement in a humans hand. A black bag of the Get Joy Calm+ supplements are displayed to the left of the dog.

Soothe Dog Anxiety with Get Joy’s Calm+ Supplement

Dogs like people have individual personalities. They can also develop mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Managing dog anxiety can be difficult, but the right supplement and the right intervention can help!

Knowing Your Dog’s Triggers

Anticipating what makes your dog feel anxious is a key aspect of managing their stress. For some dogs, it is loud noises like thunder or fireworks. Other dogs struggle with separation anxiety when their owners leave them home alone. Your dog may even get anxious on the way to the vet (or any time they are in the car for that matter). 

Look for signs of anxiety in your dog such as panting or drooling, ears that are pulled back towards the side of the head, and wide eyes. There may be other signs as well that you recognize in your pet, but these are some common signals of anxiety in dogs. 

Spotting these signs and associating them with certain activities means that you can preempt any severe anxiety in the future. That’s where a trusted calming supplement like Calm+ comes in.

Calm+ Uses Ingredients that Work

Valerian Root

An ancient herbal medicine proven to calm the nervous system.


A common plant-based remedy that promotes relaxation and is often used as a calming tea for humans.


Boosts GABA levels in the brain, thereby reducing stress and inflammation.


This root is a digestive aid that reduces gut pathogen concentrations and provides support for normal inflammation to bones and joints. 

Supplements in Tandem with Training

While no supplement is a magic bullet for curing anxiety, it can simply help to ease the symptoms of stress. However, it doesn’t necessarily change the root association to the trigger which causes the anxiety to begin with.

A supplement should be used as a tool in tandem with proactive intervention. This includes working with your dog to make them feel safe while slowly becoming desensitized to their triggers. 

Moreover, supplements can be a great way to help your dog achieve a state of calm during stressful experiences. That way, you can help them navigate how to better manage their emotional responses during those times.

Get Joy’s Is Here to Help

Backed by scientific research, Get Joy’s Calm+ supplements are crafted with care to work optimally for any dog. Made with healthy ingredients that are scientifically proven to work and tested by dogs for effectiveness and deliciousness, our premium dog anxiety supplement is among the best on the market.

With our easy-to-shop supplements page, you can keep your cool so your dog can keep theirs. And don’t forget to check out our fresh, freeze-dried meals and delicious treats for dog training delights.