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Take Care of Your Pup’s Joints with Get Joy’s Joint+ Supplement

It’s never too early in your dog’s life to start thinking about their joint health. Many dogs will experience injuries or arthritis at some point, so get a jump on keeping them feeling their best for many years to come with Get Joy’s all-natural Joint+ supplement.

Common Joint Issues for Dogs

Dogs can experience joint-related pain for several reasons. Here is a short list of some things to be aware of for your dog.


Just like people, dogs’ bodies wear out over time. They may develop arthritis or just be a little stiff and sore as they get older. Regular exercise, supplements and a healthy diet can help your beloved dog stay healthy longer.

Genetic Predispositions

Certain breeds of dogs are more likely to experience joint issues through no fault of their own or yours. For example, Golden Retrievers are prone to hip problems and Rottweilers are susceptible specifically to knee issues. Knowing your dog’s breed can help you be aware of these issues and be proactive.

Additionally, your dog’s size can play a role in their likelihood of developing arthritis or other orthopedic issues.


Accidents happen. Many dogs, especially very active ones, will get a bump or bruise every now and again. You can ensure their bones and cartilage are strong enough to withstand their rough and tumble lifestyle by giving them a preventative daily joint supplement.

How Joint+ Supplements Work

Most dog joint issues are unpreventable. However, it is within your power to prolong the onset of symptoms, ease the pain associated with them when they do occur, and reduce the likelihood of injury with regular use of a high-quality joint supplement like Get Joy’s Joint+.

Made with the best ingredients we can find and backed by veterinarian research, with daily use our specially developed joint supplement can…

  • Support cartilage and strong bones
  • Improve flexibility and mobility
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Ease joint pain

Get Joy’s Joint+ Supplement

At Get Joy, we take the guesswork out of taking great care of your canine. We developed our Joint+ supplement with all-natural key ingredients that are scientifically proven to target joint health in dogs. We took the best of what nature offers like egg membrane collagen, mussels rich in natural joint fluid, algae, ginger, and more to bring your companion support this active season and beyond.

Visit our website to learn more about how our Joint+ Supplement can help your dog stay healthy and active! Or, build a nutritious meal plan to give your dog a fresh, delicious diet.