A small dogs stands next to a dog bowl of healthy dog food from Get Joy, demonstrating an improvement to gut health.

The Benefits of Prioritizing Your Dog’s Gut Health

Gut imbalances are common culprits for various illnesses that affect the entire body. The gut microbiome of dogs, just like humans, has an enormous influence on well-being. Whether your dog is presenting digestive issues or not, you can improve their gut health through diet. High-quality, wholesome, expert-crafted nutrition supports the building and maintaining of a healthy gut microbiome.

How to Improve Gut Health for Dogs

The gut microbiome is the most influential for your dog’s overall health and functioning. In fact, 70% of a dog’s immune system interconnects with their gut health. Any imbalance like excess bacteria often leads to autoimmune conditions, obesity, cognitive impairments, gastrointestinal problems, and flatulence, just to name a few. To avoid life-threatening issues, focus on your dog’s gut health to ensure a long, healthy, joyful life.

Improving your dog’s gut health may be as straightforward as beginning to incorporate probiotics, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. These are the big three essential nutrients your dog should be eating daily. Learn more about them here.

Best Foods for Gut Health

Apart from ensuring your dog’s food contains probiotics, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids, check out the ingredients. It's important to read labels for diverse foods and watch out for harmful preservatives. 

The most supportive foods include spinach, cranberries, carrots, brown rice, quinoa, pumpkin, and fish oil. After much research, animal nutritionists have crafted specific formulas and recipes to put into one food, everything a dog needs. Check out Get Joy’s fresh and freeze-dried meals.

Ultimately, feeding your dog high-quality, wholesome, fresh food will set them up for life. 

Hydration & Stress Reduction

Like humans, dogs need adequate amounts of water to remain hydrated throughout the day. When dogs are dehydrated, they become constipated, worsening gut health. So, ensure you always have a bowl of fresh water for them to drink. Make it accessible by placing it somewhere they feel comfortable drinking in. 

Moreover, several stressors can affect dogs. Some include emotional tension in the house, spending more than 6-8 hours alone, changes in the home environment, conflict with other animals, and introducing them to new people. Consider reducing stress by implementing routine and consistency into their lives! This is sure to help them thrive.

Learn More About Dog Wellness with Get Joy

Get Joy is proud to take dog health and wellness seriously by providing education, vet expertise to answer any lingering hard-to-answer questions and high-quality nutrition. Our fresh and freeze-dried meals and treats support your dog’s longevity, gut health, and overall well-being. Learn more today!

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