A man wears black sunglasses and poses to the left of his Husky dog, who is also wearing black sunglasses. They are on a boat on a blue lake with green trees in the background.

The Dog Days of Summer Are Officially Here!

Warm weather, cool breezes, and sunny days – summer is officially here! With so much to do with your canine, it can sometimes feel impossible to know where to start. So, here are some dog-friendly activities to consider this summer!

Fun Activities to Fill the Dog Days of Summer

People aren’t the only ones who enjoy the summertime—dogs do too! And with the dog days of summer finally here, it’s time to get your companion moving in the great outdoors. Here are some fun and enriching activities to think about doing with your companion this summer.


Surrounded by nature, hiking can be an exciting activity for dogs. They enjoy the fresh air as well as the new sights, smells, and sounds. Mix it all together with their favorite human, and you’ve crafted the perfect day!

Park Visits

One of the best ways to enjoy the summer with your dog is by visiting the park! Whether it’s playing with their canine friends, taking a couple of strolls, or doing some training with treats, your dog is sure to love a nice day at their favorite park.

Play Dates

Dogs should always have opportunities to socialize, and so should you. With play dates, both you and your dog can spend a day outside with friends and have a nice time as a group! This also helps your dog burn energy as they play with other dogs, giving you a chance to relax and chat with other dog owners.

Support Your Canine’s Health & Wellness with Get Joy

Remember, a dog-focused summer isn’t just about your dog. It’s also about you, your bond, and your shared quality of life.

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