The Dogs Who Made Us

The Dogs Who Made Us

When it comes to the Get Joy team, cultivating a community of health and wellness for family dogs and their dog parents is more than a day job -- it’s our way of life. 

Meet Our Family Dogs

Our CEO, Tom, founded Get Joy based on personal experience, after meeting with vets and vet nutritionists throughout the northeast until he landed on the best way to care for his dog, Cooper. Now, our aim is to provide top nutrition to all dogs, while surrounding ourselves with humans who share our passion. Meet the Dogs of Get Joy. 

“We believe in the power of a joyful life and home. Our aim is to focus on our loved ones: Family, kids, and our unconditionally loving pets.” 
-- Tom, Founder & CEO
“Dogs have always been a huge part of my family. My siblings and I call our parents and our sister to check in with the dogs more than each other!” 
-- Caitlin, Customer Experience & eCommerce

Meet Stella

“Our daughter’s first three words were 'Mama,' 'Dada,' and 'Woof-woof.' Stella is a lot like Nana from 'Peter Pan': Protective, patient, and extra cuddly -- we’re so thankful for all she’s taught our family.” 
-- Max, Marketing & Content

Meet Cabot

“Cabot is pure Joy. Our best buddy, as he wants to be wherever we are and he ensures we live a wellness-centered life filled with daily runs, walks and lots of swimming when on vacation.”
-- Cassin, Marketing

Meet Luna

“Luna means everything to our family. We were going through a hard time when we got her and she rescued us. She changed the energy of our family and brought love to all of us. She means the world to us -- she’s our fourth child.”
-- Joe, IT & Operations

Meet Brody

“Brody is an absolute gift from the universe. He provides unwavering joy, hope, love and the best heart-felt snuggles on cold days.  He’s our guiding light and sugar boo.” 
-- Nora, Marketing & Creative

Meet Hank

“Hank is my first 'child' and is always at my side. He’s at his happiest when he’s with his family, in particular our kid. Without Hank, our family would not be complete -- he’s the most loyal, loving dog out there!” 
-- Alexandra, Marketing