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The Future of Dog Wellness: How Human Trends in Gut Health Trickle Down to Dogs

The gut is one of the most important organs in the body. It helps us digest food, integrate valuable nutrients, and remove waste. When the gut isn’t properly functioning, it can significantly impact other major organs. Simply put, gut health is vital to our overall well-being.

The future of dog wellness begins and ends with gut health. What we’ve learned from the human gut has helped us properly treat, feed, and support our dogs. 

So, let’s explore the benefits of gut health supplements and nutrition on our dog’s health and wellness.

What are Gut Health Supplements?

Gut health supplements are designed to protect and support gut functioning. Gut issues can occur due to a variety of environmental, genetic and nutrition factors. 

When a dog experiences gut or digestive symptoms, it is often due to an overgrowth of harmful bacteria. These bacteria's can cause inflammation and blockages while disrupting the communication between the gastrointestinal tract and the brain. 

Gut health supplements are designed to create a new and stronger environment for the microorganisms living in the gut. For instance, Get Joy’s Gut+ supplement works to starve harmful bacteria, feed helpful bacteria, eliminate inflammation, and promote healthy digestion.

How to Improve Gut Health with Fresh and Wholesome Food

Food is perhaps the most important factor when considering how to improve gut health. Many kibble found in stores are highly processed and have harmful preservatives, making it difficult for dogs to digest. These foods also offer very little nutritional value, disrupting the growth and wellness of our dogs. 

Fresh, all-natural foods are essential to a dog's gut health. Much like humans, the proper combination of lean proteins, vegetables, vitamins and minerals can have a major impact on the productivity of the gut. Rather than purchasing meals that can harm your dog in the long run, invest in gut-healthy meals that will keep them living the best quality of life.

Support Your Dog’s Gut Health with Get Joy Today!

Gut health is essential for our dog’s body and mind. At Get Joy, we offer wholesome, nutrient-rich, fresh, and freeze-dried meals and treats to support gut health and overall well-being. 

Alongside our gut-supporting meals and snacks, explore our all-new Gut+ supplement, created specifically to protect and support the gut. Your dog deserves the best. Start exploring everything Get Joy has to offer today!

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