Get Joy's X Whistle Smart Collar is displayed outside on a rock that has green mossy spots on it.

This Summer, Invest in Get Joy’s X Whistle Smart Collar

One of the most challenging things about owning a dog is that they can’t tell us how they feel. This can be worrisome, especially if something is going on with them but we can’t figure out what. Based on robust data, our smart collar can provide insights into your dog’s well-being and all the things they can’t tell us themselves. Here’s why.

The Whistle Way

Access Health Metrics

Our smart collar provides insights into how much activity your dog gets in a day and how much time they spend sleeping, drinking, licking, eating, and more. Not to mention, it compares this to metrics developed through data collection to let you know what is healthy for your dog.

Monitor Food Intake

This smart collar gathers data on your dog’s size, breed, and activity levels, and compares it to their observed eating habits. Meaning, this collar can ensure they are consuming the right amount of food to meet their individual needs.

Check Digestive Health

We use specially developed AI programming to analyze images of your dog's poop to let you know how their digestive system is functioning.

Spot Allergy Symptoms

Excessive itching can be hard to catch. How much is too much? Through accurate metrics set with thousands of data points, a smart collar can help you determine if your dog might be experiencing discomfort due to allergy symptoms.

Track Your Dog’s Location

1 in 3 dogs will get lost in their lifetime. It can happen to even the best owners. If your dog is microchipped, shelters can help you find them. However, live location updates enable you to locate your dog quickly and more effectively if they get lost.

Using the Insights

Never Lose Your Dog

Every minute you don’t know where your dog is can be torturous. Microchips are wonderful technology, but it can take hours or even days for them to be scanned at a shelter. With our location tracking, you can feel assured that you will always know exactly where your dog is.

Create a Wellness Plan

With all the information and data available to you with our smart collar, you can easily see where your dog’s health has room for improvement. From there, you can develop a plan to implement changes and track them over time.

From making sure your dog is hydrated and adequately exercised to helping you maintain their ideal weight, this collar does it all.

A Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog

At Get Joy, we care more than anything about providing owners with everything they need to keep their loyal companions happy and healthy. That’s why we offer our incredible smart collar. Now, you can rest at ease knowing the latest technology available in pet wellness is at your fingertips.