A dog wears a Get Joy bandana and looks up at the camera outside on a spring day, surrounding by three humans behind him.

Welcoming Spring Equinox Joy with Your Canine Companion

The spring equinox is a sign of change. As the weather gets warmer and the flowers bloom, we get excited to take it all in again. Spring is a fantastic time to plan fun outings for you and your companion. So, here are exciting spring activities for the both of you.

When Is the Spring Equinox?

You may be wondering, when is the spring equinox? The spring equinox is on Tuesday, March 19th. 

The equinox signifies a time of renewal, fertility, and growth. At this time of year, farmers are beginning to plant new crops, trees grow new leaves, and so much more. 

Spring Equinox 2024: How to Celebrate with Your Pets

There are so many ways to celebrate the spring equinox 2024. Whatever it is that you decide to do, bring your loving pup along with you! Here are some great ways to celebrate changing seasons with your loyal dog.

Go to the Beach

As the weather gets warmer, the beach is the place to be. Seek a local doggie beach and explore the sand and open skies with them. Dog friendly beaches are a great way to socialize and introduce them to various scents and experiences. Let them roam free, play, and have the time of their lives!

Go for a Hike

Hiking is a fantastic way to exercise out in nature. Dogs love to take in the mountain air and explore new areas. Going for a hike with your dog allows you to bond and escape from your usual day-to-day. 

Play Frisbee in the Park

Some dogs have a seemingly unlimited amount of energy. Playing frisbee in the park allows them to follow their instincts to chase, release energy, and feel more connected to you. As the weather gets warmer, our dog want to be outside just as much as we do. Find a local park and spend the day with your excitable companion.

Have a Photoshoot

Everyone loves a cute dog photo. As the season changes, find a lovely nature spot and bring your bestfriend. Take pictures of your dog running free, or take a smiling selfie with them. This is a great way to preserve and cherish memories with your dog forever.

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