Why Bully Sticks are the Perfect Dog Treat

Why Bully Sticks are the Perfect Dog Treat

If you have a dog, you know how much time they spend chewing. It could be a toy, your shoes, a stick, and just about anything else available. They chew for fun, stimulation, and also to relieve anxiety. While chewing behavior is normal, dogs need a variety of toys and chews to prevent destructive behavior. Luckily, bully sticks might just be the perfect solution. These treats are delicious, nutritious, and they’ll keep them busy at least long enough for you to buy some new slippers online. 

Here are a few reasons why bully sticks might just be the perfect dog chew. 

Bully Sticks are Easily Digestible

Though every cartoon dog you’ve ever seen always carries them, sticks don’t actually make for the best chew toys. In fact, sticks can splinter and even cause internal injuries to your pet. But bully sticks, on the other hand, are made from the pizzle of the cow. This beef muscle breaks down quickly, so it won’t hurt doggie teeth and digests easily. 

Single Ingredient for Health Benefits 

Get Joy bully sticks consist of only one, high-protein ingredient: the beef pizzle. Protein is extra good for dogs because it boosts your dog’s brain and muscles and keeps their skin and coat healthy. 

Provides Tooth Care at the Same Time

While bully sticks don’t replace a proper dental routine for your dog, they are great for maintaining tooth care. The constant chewing and gnawing at the treat actually scrapes at plaque and buildup, keeping it from sticking and causing gum inflammation. 

Keeps Your Dog Busy

Outside of being delicious and healthy for dogs to eat, bully sticks are also a good, sturdy chew that you know won’t be disappearing in just a few seconds. 

You can even chew-se the right type of chew for your dog! For example, straight sticks are perfect for dogs that don’t devour treats instantly, while braided sticks provide more of a challenge.

Treat Your Dog to Get Joy’s Best Bully Sticks

Your Pooch deserves the best of everything, right down to their bully sticks. Get Joy’s natural chews are non-processed, single ingredient beef sticks that are sourced mainly in the USA. Visit our website today to learn more about our bully sticks

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