A dog sitting on a linoleum floor chewing one of his rawhide bones.

Why You Should Stop Feeding Your Dogs Rawhide Bones

Nobody wants to accidentally give their dog something that isn’t good for them. Unfortunately, there are products marketed for dogs that you need to look out for. One such product is rawhide bones. For people with dogs that like to chew, these bones became slipper-savers. Although they are saving your slippers from getting chewed, the rawhide is causing problems in your dog’s tummy. So let’s take a little closer look at what rawhide bones are and why they aren’t the best for your furry friends. 

What are Rawhide Dog Bones?

Rawhide and leather generally come from the same material: Cow Skin. However, leather goes through a tanning process to create a fabric-like material. Rawhide, on the other hand, goes through a treatment process to be hardened into a dog treat. The cleaning process often involves washing in water, bleach, or hydrogen peroxide. Some manufacturers even smoke the bones to add a different flavor. 

Are Rawhide Bones Bad for Dogs?

This already sounds like something too dangerous for dogs. But even more than that, rawhide often causes digestive issues. Many also report that rawhide bones get caught in their dog's throats and cause intestinal blockages. Moreover, rawhide swells in the stomach up to 4x its original size.  

Alternatives for Rawhide Bones for Dogs

For those that have dogs who like to chew, if rawhide isn’t a good option, what is? 

Bully Sticks

Bully stick manufacturers cure one-ingredient beef muscle into a solid stick shape. It contains high protein to help boost your dog’s brain and muscles while also keeping their coat shiny. 

Deerhorn Antlers

This is exactly what it sounds like. Naturally shed antlers are great chew toys for dogs, providing a natural source of minerals and vitamins.

Safe Durable Chew Toys

Your dog needs toys specifically designed for chewing without harming them. We sniffed out the best, durable toys for big chewers. 

Chew Safe With Get Joy

Get Joy is proud to provide natural, dog-safe bully sticks and antlers. Visit our website today to learn more about our mission to improve the lives of families through pet health and nutrition.

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