Elk Antler Split

Our Antler Splits are sourced North American antlers that are naturally shed or harvested in the USA. 

Size: Large

This variant is currently sold out

Pick the chew that’s right for you

Which chew is right for your pup? That depends on age, size and level of activity.


Bully chews are a 100% natural single-ingredient dog chew made from high-protein beef muscle, specifically, the pizzle of a bull.

Bully chews are a bit more flexible—great for all dogs, but especially good for senior dogs, small dogs and puppies.

The 12” single-muscle Bully Stick is our most flexible, a great option for small dogs, seniors and pups.


The 6” Bully Braid’s 3 plies provides a bit more “chew”, but is still flexible and appropriate for all dogs.



Antler chews are pre-split to provide access to mineral-rich marrow. Chewing antlers scrapes teeth to help remove built up plaque and tartar.

Antler chews are a denser chew for dogs with strong teeth—available in size L for dogs 15-30lbs, and XL for dogs over 30lbs.

Elk is a softer-density antler, recommended for occasional chewers, puppies, older dogs, and sensitive chewers.


Deer is a moderate density antler, best for powerful chewers and bigger dogs.


Chew safety tips

Chews offer substantial benefits when chosen well and used properly. Please consider these tips to ensure maximum benefit for your dog.

  • Choose a chew appropriate for your dog’s age and size
  • Always supervise when your dog has a chew
  • Remove and replace bully sticks or braids when they are 2”, or a size that might be swallowed, to prevent choking
  • Once antler chews have lost their marrow core, it’s time to remove and replace

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