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#1 in Gut Health.
#1 in Digestibility.
100% Shelf Stable.
By Vet Nutritionists.

Our vet-developed FRESH FREEZE DRIED® was designed to provide unbeatable performance in your dog’s diet - whether a puppy or adult. Use it as a topper, a mix-in or a full meal. You will see results.

Changes You Will See within 4 Weeks

Healthy Coat

High-quality, digestible proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins are essential for a healthy coat and less shedding.

Weight Control

With no fillers or artificial preservatives, our meals help dogs reach and maintain their ideal weight.

Increased Energy

Eating fresh, balanced meals leads to fewer visits to the vet and an increase in energy, vitality, and happiness.

"My puppy absolutely loves this food! I mix it with his kibbles and he picks it out! He would eat more if I gave it to him!"

-Cathy S.

"After six years of trying, finally found a dog food that works for my Golden's digestion! My dog LOVES it!"

-Karen R.

"My 3 dogs have never been happier when it’s time to eat! I can’t say enough amazing things about the quality of the Get Joy food and snacks."


"My dog used to refuse his meals until we started serving him Get Joy dog food!"

No junk– only the good stuff.

Our FRESH FREEZE DRIED™ recipe is made with real, whole ingredients, perfectly balanced for your dog's gut health.

 contains Grass-fed Beef

Grass-fed Beef

 contains Premium Ancient Grains

Premium Ancient Grains

 contains Whole Vegetables

Whole Vegetables

 contains Pre & Probiotics

Pre & Probiotics

 contains Salt


 contains Mixed Vitamins & Minerals

Mixed Vitamins & Minerals

 contains Designed By Vet Nutritionists

Designed By Vet Nutritionists

Weighing The Cost

A fresh healthy diet is more expensive than a diet with highly processed, unhealthy food. Your dog will feel the difference and you will see the difference. Get started and feed Fresh either as a topper or full meal.

Flexible & Convenient

Delivered To Your Door

Get Joy is automatically delivered on your schedule for your convenience & your best friend's ongoing wellness.

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