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Get Joy Health provides 24/7 access to on-demand virtual vet services– available free to anyone through the end of the year!

Available 24/7

Free On-Demand Vet Access

Our licensed veterinary experts provide convenient, empathetic and actionable advice tailored to you and your dog 24 hours a day. No matter where you are, we're just a click away on any device.

Flexible & Convenient

How It Works

It’s super easy—you can connect with a live vet expert in less than two minutes!

Confirm your dog's details

Confirm your dog's details

Start your session

Start your session

Begin your consultation

Begin your consultation

The Benefits

Avoid Unnecessary Trips to the Vet

Avoid Unnecessary Trips to the Vet

Get real-time answers at home—anytime, day or night.

No More Scary Internet Rabbit Holes

No More Scary Internet Rabbit Holes

Skip the confusing, panic-inducing web searches and get personalized advice instead.

Empathetic, Expert Vet Care Team

Empathetic, Expert Vet Care Team

Real-time advice from experts elevates your understanding and confidence as a dog parent.

How Can We Help?

Skin & Coat Health

My pet is really itchy. What can I do to help? What is this rash on my pet? My dog’s ears are really red and smelly.

Behavior & Training

My dog barks every time I leave home. How do I get it to stop? How do I stop my dog from scratching my couch? Should I crate train my pet? How do I introduce my new pet to my current dog?

Sensitive Stomach

My dog is vomiting and having diarrhea. What should I do? I just started a new food and now my dog seems sick.

Joint Health

My dog is super active, is there anything to help keep his joints healthy? My older dog is slowing down and seems stiff. Is there anything I can do?

Personalized Nutrition

How much should I feed my pet? How do I know if my dog has food allergies?

Preventative Care

What vaccines does my pet need and are they safe? How important is flea and tick prevention? I missed my last dose of heartworm. What do I do?  How do I brush my pet’s teeth?

Ready & Equipped

If you do end up needing to see a veterinarian in person, we will help you understand why and prepare you for what to expect in the office.

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